Ice sculpture luges discounted for all forces personnel UK!

This is an offer which is being taken up by a lot of regiments for christmas parties and which i think is a good one.

the Ice Agency is offering 20% off most ice sculptures and ice luges (the ones that you can pour vodka etc down) to all forces personnel in the UK. Contact through

A lot of work is undertaken by Ice Agency for the armed forces and I have attached a small number of photos of what has been done. Recent sculptures being carved are
a Tornado GR4 for Raf Marham, Queens Dragoons cap badge and a soldier kneeling with an SA80 for Aliwall barracks to name a few.

At the Ice Agency we have had many years of working in conjunction with many arms of the countries forces and have built up a regular clientele with many regiments and squadrons such as Queens Royal Hussars, 24/30 Sqn RAF Lyneham, Welsh Guards, Aldershot army base, Brittania Royal Naval College, 32 Regt Royal Artillery, 3rd Mercian Regt, JSFAW RAF Odiham, REME, A Sqn Household Cavalry Regiment, Kings Royal Hussars, Officer Training Corps, The Queens Royal Lancers, HMNB Portsmouth, Thunderer Sqn Southampton, CSE Combined Services Entertainment, 32 Sqn RAF Northolt to name but a few!!!

Using our expertise and attention to military detail, we can create ice sculptures ranging from a 1m x 1m HMS Victory to a Chinook Helicopter in flight. Even a Challenger II Battle tank will come with smoke grenade launchers and insignia. An unmanned drone as used in Afghanistan is another example of the challenges we take on. A regiment or squadron’s insignia can either be snow filled into the ice (packing snow into cuts to create white wording or logo) or a colour laminate can be frozen within the ice.

Insignia can also be included on non military sculptures/luges such as snowflakes or birthday luges.

Hope this is of interest to some of you.
Yeah, no problemo. I've got a couple of can can girls to do so Kathy in any uniform is not a problem....just gotta decide what hole for the drink to come out of!!! :censored:

on another issue i have some pics of recent ice sculpture luges for regiments that i'd like to post but cant see how to do it. have been able to previously. Got some good ones of a Thales watchkeeper luge, SA80 and soldier with SA80 (Aliwall barracks). These are on my picture file.


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