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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by jcarver007, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. Looking for images of previous ice sculpture luges I have carved for 1 Scots Christmas ball in Edinburgh, 5RA Marne Brks Catterick and a Tiger for 2PWRR at Woolwich Barracks. Images that i have below are not too good and would be good to get some clearer images for the new website.

    Any info/help much appreciated.

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  2. Cunning indeed!
  3. Smudge67er why so?
  4. Your not-so-subtle advertising.
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  5. Please find amended to avoid any confusion. I do indeed advertise the forces discount on ice sculptures in the "Forces Discount" section but this thread I am actually looking for better images of the ones I have carved. So, if you can assist it would be very much appreciated.
  6. Could you make an ice sculpture of Smudger's PA?

    I bet the chicks would go wild for that.