Ice sculpture for regimental events and charity

Following on from previous topic placed in gerneral discussions someone thought it would be good to place this in Seniors and Officers. Continuing on from ice sculptures that i have produced for Help For Heroes events (free of charge) and events at bases such as Tidworth and RAF Lyneham i thought it would be a good idea to highlight the discounts available to those serving and retired. On most ice sculptures and luges (ones that vodka etc can be poured down) we will take 20% off. Charity events have an even bigger reduction or are given free ( as in Help For Heroes).

Anything from a regimental crest, Challenger II, Chinook, SA80 or even full size figure can be carved. Bespoke designs are a speciality and overseas delivery possible - currently working on feasabilty of getting them over to Iraq/Afghanistan

If this topic is in the wrong section please accept my apologies and i will move it.



Sorry couldn't resist

Hat, Coat, Taxi
Chill out, Dingerr.

No hat or coat required as I didn't get chance to take them off.
That Chopper brings back some very clouded memories of that night at Headley court!!! I was stuck to the front of it downing Voddie! all night. Sore head, but a brilliant night in the company of some real heroes.
True words there honest man. i was there after setting up the luge to encourage everyone to get drunk. i think we all went through 6 bottles of vodka and it felt like there was a chinook in my head the following morning!!!

Shame certain people who supposedly back the charity didnt turn up although one or two did have genuine reasons. good to see James May (top gear) having a go on the luge though.

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