Ice sculpture for mess parties etc - insignia, guns, tanks..

Hi all. I've posted this in a different topic but thought it may be of interest here. Also can only seem to post pics in this section.

We undertake a lot of work for the armed forces and I have attached a small number of photos of what we have done. We are always undertaking sculptures for regiments such as Queens Dragoons (cap badge in ice), 32 Regt RA Watchkeeper and a soldier kneeling with and SA80 for Aliwall barracks to name a few. I hope you find the pics of interest.

We also offer a 20% discount to all service personnel on most pieces. This is within the UK and also the offer branches out to all associates. So if there is a mess party coming up or even a wlcome home party an ice luge is ideal.

At the Ice Agency we have had many years of working in conjunction with many regiments and squadrons and have built up a regular clientele such as Queens Royal Hussars, 24/30 Sqn RAF Lyneham, Welsh Guards, Aldershot army base, Brittania Royal Naval College, 32 Regt Royal Artillery, 3rd Mercian Regt, JSFAW RAF Odiham, REME, A Sqn Household Cavalry Regiment, Kings Royal Hussars, Officer Training Corps, The Queens Royal Lancers, HMNB Portsmouth, Thunderer Sqn Southampton, CSE Combined Services Entertainment, 32 Sqn RAF Northolt to name but a few!!!

Using our expertise and attention to military detail, we can create ice sculptures ranging from a 1m x 1m HMS Victory to a Chinook Helicopter in flight. Even a Challenger II Battle tank will come with smoke grenade launchers and insignia. An unmanned drone as used in Afghanistan is another example of the challenges we take on. A regiment or squadron’s insignia can either be snow filled into the ice (packing snow into cuts to create white wording or logo) or a colour laminate can be frozen within the ice.

Insignia can also be included on non military sculptures/luges such as snowflakes or birthday luges.

We also like a challenge so feel free to set me one!!


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