Ice scape

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Biggles4221, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. 5:54. Now I can go to bed.


    (The safe was the easy bit!)
  2. 4.45, but i couldn't find all the curry sweets
  3. IS there a secret room?
  4. There are no secret rooms puttee, why? I've completed it a few times.
  5. So the check-box at the end contains spurious items just to keep you playing? Grrrrrr!
  6. Yep.

    Clue - manhole opener + window =?

    Can't get that damn safe open. My mouse is to sensitive/not sensitive enough..

    Cancel that. Have discovered how to do the safe thing.
  7. Keep the cursor well away from the dial. That way you move through a smaller arc.
  8. How the fluck do you get out of the 2nd room. Got batteries and found the pie. Can't open the sealed cans though.
  9. Never mind, i found the cutters.
  10. ok, i'm a mong, the fuse box?
  11. have you got the fuses?

    Have you got it open?

    Make a circuit.
  12. Yeah, completed it thanks. sh1t time mind.
  13. Yeah, helps if the mouse is far far away