Ice road truckers knocked down a peg or six

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pegasusbranding, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. Going to be watching that then.
  2. Is she one of the drivers?

  3. Pre order the DVD on Amozon. Release 8/03/2010
  4. Smash. I cant wait for that..... almost as good as that Action Stations on BBC2 on a tuesday all about the E-3Ds at RAF Waddington painting all personnel as a right bunch of........................interesting individuals.
  5. Seen some clips, it looks pretty good.
  6. Cant find this on my Sky planner???
  7. Starts on the 14th Jan ITV1 or ITV2
  8. Also today in W H Smiths
    "The Official IRT Magazine AND dvd" !
  9. This will probably be good competition for the current run of 'extreme' and stupidly dangerous jobs documented on TV.

    However, I'm not sure that an answer to the Crab Fishermen documentary in the form of a load of matelots going about their daily routine of cushy 8 hour shifts, sleeping and moaning will have the same effect :lol: .
  10. Not to mention the possible danger of having your ipod confiscated.
  11. Oh, the humanity. :D
  12. Doesn't seem to be on any channel - checked all the listing sites
  13. I have looked but cannot find anything at all!!! Can anyone shed any light on this or is it a dead end?
  14. Thanks for that buddy,glad you put that on here or i would have missed it !