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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wee_face, Jan 19, 2004.

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  1. We have had no heating in the mess for the last 5 months, at what point can we say fcuk this and move into a hotel at taxpayers expense? :( :? :x
  2. we havent had hot water or heating in our mess for over 2 years, but we get about 47p back a day for it.
  3. Tupr, Offrs or SNCO Mess?
  4. I'm sorry I seem to have stumbled into the Russian army version of Arrse! You have to be fcuking kidding Turp!

    Wow just imagine if the papers got hold of this at the moment! I believe that Nick Ferrari on LBC Radio, here in the big smoke, is running a Save Our Soldiers campaign on his morning show. He would love to get his mits into this!

    Shame that serving soldiers can't blow the whistle!
  5. Someone should take them to Bulford!
  6. Got up this morning to find no heating or hot water in the Officers Mess - this is a fairly regular occurrence in one accom block or another. In my own room, the radiator has been u/s since a week before Christmas. Reported 3 times to PROM, but apparently they won't come out if it's only one room that's affected - it has to wait until there are other jobs to do.

    They'll probably turn up the day before I go the big sandpit, the jack bastards.
  7. The wife always complains that I keep the central heating turned up. I tell her it's a cultural reaction common to all squaddies after freezing their nuts off for virtually the whole of their Army careers!
    Funny, that; she just won't believe me...
    Think I'll go to the pub, they've got a nice big open fire and I need to get warm!
    She won't believe me about that either...
  8. Why do most MoD establishments have this thermostat phenomenon that is akin to "Ice Station Zebra" during the chilly Winter months and "Satans Bottom" during the toasty Summer months.

    I'm sure there's either some sort of conspiracy theory, it can't be cost cutting as the roasty-toasty temperartures endured during the summer waste a shedload of cash.

    Thank God for punkah wallahs.
  9. Slightly off topic, but it isn't just the messes that suffer if something goes wrong.
    The boiler in our quarter packed up during the winter months, so we had no heating and very little hot water. Rang the emergency "DHE Holiday Line," and found some guy turning up the next day with a two electric heaters, rather than fixing the bloody boiler!
  10. I would have voted for old adams self help option myself :D
  11. Officers, Seniors and Juniors accom, Seniors get 45p a day and juniors 42p a day back
  12. and they would cost you a fortune in electricity, which no doubt you didnt get reimbursed.
  13. Even better this morning, 3/4 of the lights in the mess (officers) are u/s as a fuse blew and there are no spares. WRVS woman has started asking about a hotel option too.... he he.
  14. Returned to Officers' Mess yesterday to find block heating/hot water restored. My radiator remains u/s and room assuming properties of a walk-in fridge. Reported for 4th time to PROM - they suggest I buy a radiator bleeding key and do it myself 'because it costs so much to get the heating engineers in for small jobs'!

    Perhaps I should bill them, at plumber's rates, for my time ....

    Still, it'll soon be time for MoD-declared summer time to begin - you know, that time of year when they arbitrarily turn all the heating off even though there's snow on the ground. They do the reverse at the end of autumn, leading to the situation LB describes.
  15. Ventress

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    You dont wash anyway TURP!