Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by graemeh13, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. Ice hockey is now in its 7th year in the UK.....To show case the sport the Army team will take on the might of the Bracknell Bees at the John Nike Arena in Bracknell...Thursday 7th of September.

    Tickets only £5 for adults and £1 for under 14's.

    Contact the arena office on 01344 789000 to purchase in advance

    More details on

    If you want to learn check out the above website or for details and training times.
  2. or if you want to watch a decent sport, try basketball :)

    just as cheap and far more fun to watch.
  3. Brilliant! Thanks for the ad - Bracknell is just down the road and the kids have been banging on about wanting to go to see a game and at only £1 each for them, who am I to disappoint them....
  4. A couple of years ago the Officers and Sgts had a match for charity and I was taking pics the funniest thing I ever saw each mess had six weeks to learn how to play it was the funniest hour of my life!
  5. Wow, there is an Army team! I must get involved with this.
  6. Try "Broom Ball". Ice Hocky in trainers and using a tennis ball as a puck. Totally fcuked in 10 mins flat.

    Great fun for all.
  7. The charity event is now hotting up with your chance to win a new Toyota car from Octagon Toyota.....You need to be there for your chance to drive a new car away.....Get your ticket now while you still can.....Bees ticket office 01344 789 888
  8. Graeme,

    I called the number on your first post to book my tickets and the girl who answered sounded very vague, said "I'm not sure that we're doing them hang on", then wandered off and came back to tell me that she would get someone to give me a call when she had found out...that was 2 hours ago and no sign yet!

    Having checked back on the thread, just in case you had another number, I rang the number in your most recent post, which turns out to be the Octagon Toyota dealership in Reading! I promised to let you know so that you can edit it off before she gets inundated with calls.

    Any suggestions how else to get tickets, I am not holding my breath for a call back...
  9. Reminds me of the old joke: "Halfway through the fight, a Hockey match broke out!"
  10. Re: Fifth_Columnist...Thanks...My balls up, the correct number for the main reception at the arena is 01344 789000. Spoke with the ice manager yesterday and I was assured that their system was ready to take advanced ticket sales.....Any more problems, please post back here or PM me..........Thanks all

    With ref to the other number, Im sure they are happy to take all callers who want to buy a car!!!!!!!!!!

    For all those who have pledged support to this event.........many many thanks.
  11. Toyota's AYGO has been confirmed as the "win a car competition" prize. It is the Black Special Edition model that is up for grabs........You must be there for your chance to win........

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  12. Those ice-hockey matches do have a habit of turning into "eye-sockey" though, don't they?

  13. That's what's so great!
  14. Disregard this number unless you fancy a new or used Toyota......The Arena ticket "Hotline" is 01344 789 000, make sure you ask for Army charity match tickets as some receptionists will try and pass you on to the Bees ticket number.

    Thanks for your support..........

    Following recent staff/computer issues tickets are now on sale through Bracknell Arena Office on 01344 789000

    Great night lined up plus your chance to win a car!!!!!