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Ice Cream Van in Afghanistan

I get the feeling that he's covered more than just the provision of chilled dairy goods with this business idea:

"Sucky! sucky! five dolla! - Give me eight dollar solja-boy, me love you long time"
Good on them!

But they got ripped off on the AirFreight!

I could have got it there for them for less than 1/3 of what they ended up paying! looks like they've made their money back already and they have made a lot Squaddies very happy in the process! more deserved of an OBE in my eyes than the likes of all these Sports Stars and Celebs!!!
Not having been over there what else do you think could fill the gap in the market at KAF for the average squaddie that isn't already there?
I seem to recall someone sent a Fish & Chip van down to Stanley after the War and earned a small fortune!

When we finally Publish the Sequel to "Pull Up a Sandbag" we'll look at getting some complimentary books flown out if someone is willing to find a spot for them on one of the Flights...

You gotta love the Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Former British Squaddie - Ice Cream Van in AFghanistan! brilliant... :)

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