Ice Cold in Alex

Very good book but differing from the film in that the WO1 guy gets off with the Lt Staff Nurse and goes on to marry her, which is a key part to the book, ie, WO/Lt relationship.

Well worth as read.


It wouldn't have translated well onto the film version, as Harry Andrews batted for the other side, as it were.
Good film. First thing that tipped me off about that vehicle recovery method of burying a wheel to use as a fixed point to recover a vehicle. I remember being trained on a similar device that you threaded a towing cable through then pumped a handle. Can't remember what it's called.
Did Harry Andrews bat for the other side! Never have guessed!

Book is excellent though


Just been watching ICIA on ITV4. MSM was I believe the then rank of Mechanical Sergeant Major (RASC?). Did this rank subsequently become ASM? If so, when? Or did ASM (REME) exist alongside MSM. A great film if a tad overacted in some scenes.

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