Ice breaker

i've been given my date for my 2 days up in scotland, but no one has mentioned anything about the ice breaker. i've read I have to talk for 2-3 mins about yourself.

What should this include ?
from what iv read on here so far pal its something like

your name
where your from
what capbadge you want to join
interests and hobbies
why you want to join the army

ect ect

hope this helps.
thx for the prompt reply, just seems weird it says 2-3 mins since i can usually say that in about 20seconds.

I dont have a problem talking infront of people, but at the same time i dont want to ramble bolloX if its not needed.
yea i understand mate.

iv also heard that at some of the selection centres they have boards held up with headings on and you move your conversation on when a new subject is held up.

not sure wether this applies to all selection centres or what, but ya know even if you think your rambling on the corprals might be impressed.

youve just got to try your best.
Omni old son, just remember that all the other people that are attending

will be in exactly the same boat. They will be just as nervous as you are

and the instructors will be expecting that.

Start rehearsing now, what it is that you will say. If it is at all possible,

link in some humour. Tell a story against yourself, something that makes

you look a bit foolish. People will forgive you anything if you make them

laugh. Talk it over with your friends and relatives for ideas.

They really just want to find out a little about you and see how much

confidence you have. You will be surprised how the smallest amount

of confidence will grow with time and encouragement. Your training

will give you that. Good luck.
Straight off my APDD Icebreaker sheet & regurgitating what the recruiting team said;

Name (
Family Background
Schooling Background
Sports & Hobbies
Likes / Dislikes
Social Activities
Career Options
Why Do You Want To Join The Army

Glencourse Icebreaker is 3-5min.
Be confident.
Know what you are talking about.
Follow up negatives with positives ("I basically flunked high school, but I'm keen to take advantage of the educational opportunities the army provides in furthering myself as a person etc").
Speak loud & clearly, eye contact (pitch your voice to the back of the room, don't just stare at the board with the key points).
Don't swear.
Try to enjoy talking about yourself - practice with mirror / family member.
Keep your hands anywhere but in your pockets!

Seriously, don't spend months getting physically fit only to fail a 5min icebreaker & be deferred for 3-6months.
You should include
1. name and age
2. family and home town
3. hobbies and interests
4. chosen cap badge and why
5. ambition in life
6. qaulities you have to offer the army
7. preperation you have done for adsc

you should aim for 2-3 minutes, its easy, you dont give one line answers to each topic, you need to expand, like hobbies, you might like boxing, but expand, say how long youve done it, where youve done it, tell an interesting story about your experience with boxing etc.. so state a point and expand on it. easy. if youve lived for longer than 2 minutes you can talk for longer than 2 minutes :p
Ask if anyone has any questions at the end, if they do ask anything they are more than likely ask about further info on soemthing you mentioned. Which means you should easily be able to talk about it.

Its something good to do if you have confidence, as you will find it realy easy to do, and it will show to the guy that marks your icebreaker.
Hi Omni, the lads have given you some good advice . Go for it.

Remember, that we will be keen to hear how it all went. You will fly

through. :wink:
The NCO's will probably take the piss a bit and try and make it a bit light hearted. they have seen it all a million times so if you can get them laughing then you will be ok.

Just think its not a big deal and go in will loads of confidence.

You will see other guys do it and try and learn from them.

Deep breaths before and you will have no worries
I wouldnt worry about it at all, as someone said above all the other guys will be in the same boat. I done mine at pirbright 5 years ago and i jus rambled on about the normal stuff where im from ... live with mum bro .. hobbies ...capbadge .. didnt go on for anything close to 3-5 mins ..was more like 2 minutes the NCO didnt seem all that bothered unless ur a complete mong. Dont put ur hands in ur pocket!!! thats the only awkward bit if im honest there isnt anywhere to put em lol
just wanna say big thanks to everyone who posted with advise, i should have responded with a thank you sooner but i was very anxious about going in for selection.

I've now passed selection with ease and have been given my date for Pirbright!

Thanks Again :D
Good drills Omni. Welcome!

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