Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Pendulum, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. I'm applying in two months.

    I've been reading up on things, getting my really excited, getting my fitness levels up and such.

    But what is the Ice breaker?
  2. Stand in front of everyone and do a speach about:-

    name and age
    family and home town
    hobbies and interests
    cap badge and reason why
    what prep you have done for ADSC
    what qualities you have
    ambition in life
    most memorable moment
    any thing else that will assist your presentation

    Think it has to be 3 mins or more, And you get the notes in front of you to remind you what to talk about.
  3. alright mate, the ice breaker is where you stand up in front of a few of the lads and just tell them a bit about yourself

    Name, Age, where you're from, what you're joining, why you're joining, ambitions, what your family think of you joining, what you have to offer the army.

    maybe not all of the above but have a quick sentence or 2 to say about them just incase you get asked...its not hard at all.

    Relax, everyone is in the same boat and if you get ased any questions don't just ramble on, take a second or 2, think about it and answer honesty!

    Dont big time it either!
  4. How many?
    Can you explain?

    Tbh, this is the thing im most worried about, i hate this kinda stuff.
  5. As long as i dont have to go first, i should be alright.

    Thanks for the help!
  6. cap badge = What you are joining and why? Eg, Infantry, RE, REME etc etc.
  7. Nothing to worry about mate, Most people there will probably be just as nervous as you doing a speech in front of people they have never seen before so you are all in the same boat.
  8. Is it ok to say all the mushy stuff, y'know, like my chosen regiment is the best at its job in the army, for queen and country and all that jazz?
  9. One of the lads on my selection said that he was joining the Artillery because they are the 'Back-bone' of the army (Bullshit) the RLC Cpl in charge quizzed him on why he said this and he crumpled under interrogation because he was just waffling shyte and therefore had no justification for what he was saying!!

    If you are joining for queen and country then yes say that yes. If you feel your chosen cap badge is the best in the army at its job say it but you have to know why. Dont just say ' i wanna join the infantry because its the best job and i get to shoot stuff' not really a reason.

    However, i dont think anyone on my selection failed because of their ice-breaker. not sure how closely it is assessed!!
  10. Cheers Kingburn.

    My bold, I've heard from my brother (a S/Sgt in the RLC who used to train recruits) that the ice-breaker just sees how confident you are in a group of lads you dont know.

    Do girls do selection seperately to lads? :D
  11. Yes
  12. there were no girls on my selection......i did mine in Glencourse!
  13. There has always been seperate days, for all to obvious reasons!

    Can you imagine trying to sort out accomodation for example.

    Its bad enough sorting stuff out for 40 people.

    (Ex Glencorse Cpl instructor).
  14. at my selection they kept the 16-17 year olds away from the rest of us 18+.......just incase we got a bit randy, they only wanted us bumming within our own age range!
  15. FFS sake, thats scary 8O