Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Alaarm!, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. Im currently deployed on Ops and wondered if anyone could tell me how to register with ICAREC (phone number) or when the next ICAREC 'careers fair' is being held.

  2. Check yr PMs
  3. You're always on fecking ops..
  4. Alaarm

    I really would not bother with the clinic.

    They are always held in London and the minutes are never circulated after the event.
  5. Gents.

    Thanks for the replies and PM'S. Some good food for thought. 'thread closed'!!!
  6. I'm sorry to hear you say that. I (and subbsonic and a few others around here) do try and make the effort to come along to the clinics and get on our hind legs and try to give a flavour of what awaits on the outside, plus actively networking on behalf of those leaving. I sense from feedback that these efforts are welcomed. If you could let me know what you'd like to see from the clinics which you're not getting, I'll happily take an action to encourage that to be delivered.

    In terms of minutes, to be frank, there's not much to minute - the events are networking-based and the bulk of the value for leavers is in conversation, rather than presentation.

    I have no brief for where the clinics are held but would venture to remark that a statistically significant proportion of the old and bold work in London and a weekday seance elsewhere would be unlikely to attract many on account of the logistic challenge.

    Drop me a PM to discuss further if you want.
  7. Wow . what a deeply profound and well thought out contribution to this thread......Muppet
  8. You fecking arrse. ICAREC is excellent. Not only for ex-members but also for those that are just about to leave (any rank). There's something for everyone. You'd be mad to miss it and there are only 2 each year (march and october). Brillant social afterwards too - you fecking whinging arrse. Yes it's always in london for the obvious reasons. No there are never any minutes - it's not a meeting! it's a resettlement clinic. As laid down in JSP101, meetings have minutes - not fecking clinics you fecking arrsewipe. Get off your arrse, go on monday, and have a good look. I'll be there to wipe your arrse for you you moron. You'll spot me - I'll be wearing the stripey suit with the corps tie - arrsebandit. Stop putting other people off and provide some constructive input to this thread or feck off - arrse.
  9. i love that you created a new identity just to say that :D
  10. Who Be etc

    Maybe I'm wrong but as AJG you were better. Nice touch with the BIG badge tho' as you only just made it! (Perhaps mistaken ID - usual apologies).

    PM me for an argument!
  11. So who is going on Monday? I'm looking forward to playing "news catch up".
  12. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it even though I won't know anybody!
  13. I will not be going because I live too far away from London
    and having been out so long, and unemployed, I can not afford to travel.

    I do have a stripey suit but it is now several sizes too small for me now, my new Kappa shell suit does fit perfectly though.

    Whilst I certainly respect the rank of WO1, I would consider it the height of Waltishness to purport to be one, in an assumed Arrse identity.

    Not all Arrsers are sprogs, and some have been around well after their 22 year point; ( if such a point still exisits in the Army of today?? ))

    As much as it warms me to welcome a newly promoted WO1 to the Arrse community, one would dearly hope that the incumbant of a rank that would normally command such gravitas, would,in time, become more circumspect in the tone of their future contribnutions to this forum.

    If indeed you are not in reality WHOSETHEDADDYNOWGENIUS, ?
  14. Why so fixated with 'WO1'??
  15. Used ICAREC myself back in the mid 90s. Excellent moral support and some good leads at the time. I would certainly recommend for a new leaver. Excellent networking too!! Well done ICAREC.