Has anyone got any positive, constructive news of the ICAREC website. Are they bringing it back? If so when? Realise this may have been the subject of previous threads, but that was then!

Thanks B_A


Phone or email them directly. I doubt if CB looks at arrse, so theres no point starting a thread here! Any probs PM me.
I put my foot in my mouth over this, possibly in this forum as well, about 6 months ago.

apparently it is still in the hands of "someone at Blandford".

At least their resettlement page is up and runing OK on the Army website.
ape2 said:
dunno if it is coming back but are you getting the job updates? - being a voyuer getting to you????
I think I know what you're on about! Didn't realise it was like Pokemon!! Be assured I don't gaze at them every day I'm just coy about revealing myself to you after all this time. Believe I replied positively to your last message, mate.
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