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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Zoid, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. Now I know they have, as they say "Had to temporarily close the site for maintenance", but bloody hell, what are they doing to it!! :D Redesiging complex sites like Ebay or CNN wouldn't take this long.

    Anybody got any ideas?
  2. Like a lot of things that ICA does it is entirely dependant on a volunteer stepping up to the line to help out.

    I did suggest some months ago that they invite contibutions to keep the site going commercially.
  3. Sounds like a worthy cause to me, they should invite contributions. I like being able to flick through the job bulletin board, always good to know whats out there, especially the rarer big money contractor work that does not often appear elsewhere...
  4. Can you raise the point at the next clinic, Sub? I'd be happy to contribute, as I'm sure a lot of others would be too.
  5. Dohh!!

    The website is in the process of being migrated to the MoD hosted Internet Gateway Service.

    The process has been in train for some time, sadly these things do not happen overnight. The G6 Borg collective is not renowned for it's agility:
    < computer says no>
  6. The ICAREC website could do with a bit of tarting up, but still OK for what it does. That said, the team do an excellent job, especially the email alerts. I think a THANK YOU is warranted.
  7. In a bid for greatness in resuscitation of ancient threads, I thought I'd give this one a dig in the chest.

    Any updates, anyone? Is it running and if so can we-who-are-no-longer-green-and-icky access it?
  8. Sadly this was only discussed with the owner of the last server 2 weeks ago.

    in the absence of anything like official approval, I think you may have to make do with the dear departed Mr Marsh's orphan child.

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  9. Seen. Actually, it was on that means the other day that I found that Bob McCrindle had died some months ago. We really don't keep ourselves as informed nearly as well as we should; word-of-mouth is great for gossip, but a system of getting information from A to B/Z is better. I'm sure the TT instructors at Ashford said something about it while they were punching my ears to the beat of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch's "Legend of Xanadu".

    Bob was a brilliant WO to his charges; all the juniors at 122 Int Sect thought the world of him, mainly because he made himself available to help, advise and guide, and his advice was excellent, as was his sense of humour. He certainly saved my bacon on one occasion when I left the path of righteousness. Very sad to hear about his leaving us.
  10. I agree with the sentiments you expressed WB. Bob McCrindle, and those of his Ilk were of the old school who believed in taking the time to mentor new arrivals, especially those out of the factory, and with little thought of joining the social set in the Officers Mess until they had done their time. More than that, they enjoyed doing the job they were doing. Will we ever see their like again