ICAREC the Saga continues

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ALREADYJACKEDGENIUS, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. A valuable resource for all concerned

  2. A bit over-rated but worth retaining

  3. Waste of space

  4. I dont have a clue what the forum is

  5. I am an ICA member but don't know what ICAReC is

  1. There have been a number of attempted threads on the topic, SFB has already provided one with a poll

    I can relate to his desire to have regional meetings, but can not judge if there would be sufficient uptake to to this. I do think that many who leave the Corps have absolutely nothing to do with ICAREC.

    IMHO both sides loose out. I have canvassed my small world for a view and the return of the closed forum would be most welcome. To a degree it could be argued that the forum represented a greater and more valuable resource than the Network's two minutes of fame twice a year.

    Pm me or let me know if you have any other views but here is my poll and thruppence worth :
  2. The three or four which I attended following my exit were great value, no doubt at all, and my travel/accommodation expenses weren't resented. However, the great problem was the restriction on time; it's not possible to get around to talking to all the right people while catching up on scandal with old pals (who you're not likely to meet again for years, if ever) in the course of an hour or two at the chemical-beer bar in a TA centre. Add time for poking the Brig in the chest and you've only half-achieved the mission.

    The people now leaving and discovering that personal contact is a hundred times more valuable than any letter or email shouldn't be denied that opportunity. However, if a closed forum is reintroduced and used properly it could be the salvation of many, including those who may not have the resources or desire to travel to London for a night. I vote for both.

    Edit: ...and if people in the Regions want to do something in their parts, then the Regional ICA powers should be co-opted why not?
  3. I attended ICAREC Clinics twice as a jobseeker in 2001, just before I `resigned` (no truth in the fact that I PVR’d just because the word `special` was not in my next posting - all right about 75%), and again a couple of times (employment and personal commitments withstanding) up until 2005/2006 when `Blad Eagle` replaced DB as the `management lead` (Chairman) for ICAREC matters. At this time the early incarnation of the website was up and running. To be quite frank after securing a position (albeit for an `agency`) I thought I need not attend anymore and anyway I did not get on with BE !

    I recall early conversations from other leavers in the late 90 were that ICAREC was regarded as the premier `resettlement service` in the Services. I think this may have been when the Corps was well represented at senior director/board level in the commercial world of security.

    Whilst I am not involved in the commercial security world `per se`, it is sad to say, from recent research conducted by a number of sources and my own observations, that this is not so true nowadays. In my day job I do come across a number of company security directors and found that very few - actually none - are former Corps ! Although down at middle management level there are some LE Majors/Capts with considerable backgrounds !

    The RAF (and others) has probably (along with the recruitment companies) better placed former members than the Corps will ever have. Perhaps that ADASTRA fellow actually talks some sense in his/her twisted way?

    This is probably because the commercial world can recognise that a P&SS Officer (or Inf CO/Coy Comdr) has significant experience and skillset `protecting` a large location (business) than a DE/LE/WO in the Corps who is not entirely recognised as having `hands on` and a `can do` managerial outlook over large locations or `staff`.

    I digress. I think that ICAREC (not ICA) has lost it’s way in a number of ways. The website that was introduced about 18 months ago was a brilliant innovation. It had significant uses, (albeit I was guilty of not contributing, and just lurked (as I do on ARRSE) hoping that nobody asked a question that I should have been able to answer. As it held the complete list of ICA members (well at least those who were interested in being networkers/jobseekers) it gave the opportunity to catch up with people who’s details (or not) contacts one may have lost.

    I understand from a recent discussion with Subsonic that the reasons for the website not being available is down to both lack of resources and gapping in posts combined with MOD requirements for security measures to be adhered to for regimental online forums. Whilst I can but agree with the MOD line I cannot understand why there is a resource issue. There are a number of individuals out there who have significant IT skills and still have their security clearances who could assist in this? Is it a money problem?

    The Clinics, I know from reading the link above have been discussed to death with regard location, time of year, frequency, time that networkers get to speak and of course the failure by some to even contribute. I have been guilty of this myself in that although I know when there is a clinic I do not participate – this is wrong and I can only but apologise but at least I recognise my faults and intend to change my attitude.
    Again, other than the `chairman` and possibly the Corps RSM (I do not know) is there an ICAREC Committee that could drive and develop ICAREC further? I would be willing to volunteer at least a couple of days a year to assist as a penance for my lack of previous commitment! Anyone else ?

    I recollect that a number of former LE’s and WO spoke frequently at the Clinics that I did attend (some talked what I thought was F6 bolloxs at the time – only for me to discover later they were actually giving A1 information and advice !) and managed to speak to a couple this morning - before I posted this. All three stated that they would probably not going to attend any more Clinics as they felt not only that their contributions were being undermined by lack of support from the chairman but they were disappointed that individuals with more current knowledge of the Corps and their own experience transiting into the commercial world were not participating.

    I think we should all remember that whatever annual subscription we pay into ICA some of it not only goes on washing machines for those unfortunates who have fallen on hard times but also on ICAREC issues – interesting to see what the allocation is ?

    As I stated above ICAREC was seen as the `premier` resettlement service for the military – wonder if it is now?

    See you all at the next Clinic – cross fingers that hopefully the website will be up and running by then !
  4. I heard you "resigned" because someone threatened to put that SIB video on Youtube?

    and Yes the Provost Branch staff make a particular effort to remain engaged with industry and bodies that set professional standards.
  5. I heard you "resigned" because someone threatened to put that SIB video on Youtube?

    Think you have mistaken me for a non entitled para winged Reptonite (circa 1980) there `Biggles` - yes we have had them as well ! I bow down to your knowledge of INT CORPS self walting history.

    and Yes the Provost Branch staff make a particular effort to remain engaged with industry and bodies that set professional standards.

    Biggles - Rather than making scarcastic comments all of the time why not contribute your obvious knowledge of service resettlement to ICAREC yourself as surely as someone who knows so much about the INT CORPS would/should be able to join ICA ? I understand that there are a number of current and former members of the Junior Service who are members - perhaps someone can confirm this ?
  6. *shrugs*

    What's ICAREC?

    For Jnrs it remains a semi-mysterious Contact Zero type organisation.

    In this day and age, not having a website is a huge obstacle.
  7. This is a WAH , right?

    Oh dear you had better ask your Section Commander or WO, she / he should be on top of this topic. Failing that your UEO or RCMO. ICAReC could / should be regarded as a valuable tool for recruiting AND retention.

    I'm sure given notice that some of us would be more than happy to come and talk to Career Courses, in the same way that the Corps Sec does.
    ( all presentations will be SAT compliant, and part of INVAL and EXVAL, provided they are included in the SOTR)
  8. Anyway, it looks like the [Original site is still up and running !
  9. May I interject with a dose of reality ? If you want anyone under the age of 30 today to take part you need a credible web presence. It's no use fighting it, and if digitisation / NEC / NCW / [insert buzzword here] within the Army was not the utter failure it currently is no-one would even be discussing the matter. That's not to say it can replace meetings of course, face to face contact is always vital.

    One suggestion for a quick win is a private forum on ArmyNet. I know it's not perfect but ex-soldiers can get logins and you could get something up fairly quickly.
  10. Facetime is the most important facet of any networking strategy and meetings `official or unofficial` should continue - even if sometimes the INT CORPS community, both former and current, meet at the the odd funeral !

    A great idea Mr Strange with regard Armynet- now why did the `powers that be` not think of that as a interim solution ?

    Answers and `log in` details on a packet of B&H soonest if you are reading this Directorate/Museum/Corps Secretary/Terry the Bin Man or equivalent!
  11. TMA

    When I get to my RLI Account next I'll let you and other "veterans" have the details of the helpful SSGT that sets up armymail accounts for spent cartridges like you and me.

    As OOTs suggests, an armynet forum might be a step in the right direction?

    Who would moderate ?
    Perhaps we could enlist support from the drill staff at Bad Lads Army? :oops:

    After you left, virtual VTC facetime has become an acceptable face of @r53l1ck1ng. Like SFB said, not everyone can get to the clinics, some people on resettlemnt are still in Theatre, where arguably they need more help?

    I cant see many of the Network turniing up for a clinic and QM 3's finest Buffet in Kabul, never mind Kajaki.

    ICA may still subsidise the buffet though :clap:

    PS: Terry the Bin Man and the Mr Trustworthy archive is still protected by the 30 Year rule and subject to Cabinet Office Review
  12. Whoa there! You'll do me out of a job with talk like that. Thank fcuk for ICAREC then!

  13. By RLI I presume you mean your `real life identity` ? - Even after 32 years I am still not quite sure who you really are mucker !

    Signing up for this armynet thing will not get me back on the `old brown envelope` listing i.e Dear Mr * please report to ............." as they attempted to do back in 2001 will it ? As you are well aware I have a close connection with the legal profession and also a rather thick medical file !

    Moderation - What about WB ? I hear he has at least 20 days off a month from his call center employment and has a very nice telephone manner as well. :oops:

    PS - and less of the mention of `Theatre` unless you are referirng to the Harp Players reunion off Compton St. 8O
  14. Cheeky cnut. I'm working even as I type this. And the twat who owns that LinkedIn site still hasn't accepted me as a member. How many abusive emails does it take?