Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by subbsonic, Nov 11, 2002.

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  1. My friend is looking for someone with about 4-6 years experience in collation and analysis for 3 months work in the New Year.  An understanding of the Light side would be helpful.

    The job will be in a European Capital, working as part of a multi disciplinary team conducting a security survey for a High Risk function.  

    PM me or eml me a copy of your CV if you are interested.
  2. A couple of permanent  opportunities

    No 1.  NCIS:  A number of vacancies here http://www.ncis.gov.uk/vacancies.asp

    No 2. Maritime Security Inspectors:   They are looking for 40.  Go to this agencies website and click on Public Sector then DTI.
    Due to huge demand this opportunity has closed, link is now down

    of course they got enough people, your desert combats will be issued when you get there and we have arranged for you to pick up a GSM phone each, The wolf landrovers and comms will go through in the next STP round, the DEC are taking all your operational lessons learned through, we are at full manning and don't have a retention problem, of course there are enough resources to teach 44 at a time on the A3, security only applies in barracks you know.............

    My friend sometimes has short term opportunities in the area of No 2 above.  If this is your bag, PM me and I'll put you in touch.

    If you would like to speak to someone ex Corps, in either NCIS or D f Tpt, PM me again.  
  3. As part of my rehabilitation programme I too am looking to place certain individuals on behalf of a friend.

    This is no duff

    My friend is looking for 4 individuals in the rank range WO2 - Maj, to work month-on-month off in the Arabian Gulf.  The role is to manage a team of 3 UK based sub-contractors operating Force Protection sensors from a support vessel moored in a port.  

    The requirement is for an initial 12 month contract.  In response to an MoD contact to be let in 6 weeks.

    Unfortunately Treasury are no longer prepared to support this UOR and project was cancelled last night.
  4. My friend's friend runs a small but unnervingly accurate OSINT analysis business. He is currently bidding for some new work, which if successful will require the following roles filled at short notice.

    Overseas collator analystYou should have 4-6 years proven experience of all source analysis in a high tempo tactical environment. You should be capable of establishing and maintaining an open source database, advising the principal analyst on emerging trends and assistance in the production of a range of Warning and Reporting products.

    Work will be in a hight threat enviroment where there is minimal infrastructure. Whist the pay might be good you will have to pay your own stamp and insurance. Travel insurance might also be an important issue here.
    Work will be rotational, and you will proabaly not be paid whilst you are back on R+R.

    Home based collator analyst Para 1 is as above

    You should have 4-6 years proven experience of all source analysis in a high tempo tactical environment. You should be capable of establishing and maintaining an open source database, advising the principal analyst on emerging trends and assistance in the production of a range of Warning and Reporting products.

    The second role is 20 hrs per week, home-based. You will be required to monitor customer IRs, maintain a collection plan, collate and analyse incoming OSINT and draft a weekly intsum for the principal analyst. You will need broadband access at home and a rudimentary grasp of security issues for Internet working.

    You may be requred to attend meetings at the business's rural office location, so a car and the ability to drive will be a great assett.

    Maintaining customer realtionships will be a critical part of both roles. An ability to persuade the customer to read your product in the first place, would be a great advantage :wink:

    PM me and I'll pass your details on.
  5. What's he got to do with it?

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    It should be framed and hung in Strasbourg.
  6. I have a couple of fairly high profile contract security manager posts going in Saudi, which need to be filled quickly. Good CV entries, especially in the current climate. Come with car and villa in good compounds. Salaries not spectacular but tax-free. Excellent networking opportunities. (....email address now redundant....)
  7. Whisky says Sorry. He's on cheeseandwhisky@yahoo.com.au
    (He's on leave at the moment, I've got his laptop, and am in touch with the GM of the company who're looking for people).
  8. FCO Looking for security managers in March 2005. Bags of time to PVR then....

    Also advertised in SMT details on line are here

    Hope the cost of living supplement siginficantly adds to the initial offer?

    Disparity of pay abroad?
    have we been here before
  9. :!: :!: :!:

    I was in the ICAREC office this morning and the next clinic is v. undersubscribed on the Network side. :!: If you are on the network and are thinking of attending please let them know asap.

    For those on the register, if you speak 7799 + Infosec, I have been told there will be some jobs going.

    ( deetails have been on the site for a while)
  10. The Security and Export Controller role is based with a multi-national IT related company on the M40 / M42 corridor:

    post filled 11 May
  11. Surveillance Support Officer - Avon + Somerset Police

    Would suit CPS qualified individual: offering £20K to start

    PM me for details, or contact ICAREC.
  12. CLAS Consultant

    Midlands based IT company is going to be recruiting another CLAS consultant in next 3 months. They would consider sending the right person on the CLAS course as part of the joining package.

    I'm still waiting for the details of the package, but if you are in your last 6 months its likley to be IRO £ more than you are on now, + Car allowance + other benefits worth £5K per year and probably home worker status.
    ( ie: when you are not at home, all your T+S is paid)

    Work is pre-sales support for new business bids and some internal consultancy. In Birmingham, London + M25 / M4 corridor + crab bit of East Anglia.

    If you have a strong grasp of DIAN 7+8, 440 + IS 1-3 and still have your DV, PM me to arrange a chat.
  13. Department of Transport
    Transport Security Inspectors - Aviation, Maritime and Land

    Up to £31,573 London

    Offer closes 10 March 2006 !!!

    Certainly more than was being offered for Network Security Engineers to protect the critical national infrastructure.
  14. I notice a recent advertisment for an office manager in a certain training company.

    One of the duties of the jobholder includes "scribing"

    On those wages, they are proabably looking to recruit an ancient egyptian!!