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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Next_to_the_Tank, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. ICAREC's website is being re-launched on a secure server. If you wish to register for membership, or renew existing membership, please contact
    dinticacorpssec-e1@disc.mod.uk . We now pay an annual fee for the server therefore in order to be a member of ICAREC we ask that you also are an ICA member.

    ICAREC is primarily for INT CORPS and those with associate membership of ICA, and employers looking to employ people with our particular skill sets. ICA and ICAREC is not for ex-SACs who once served in a room close to the J2 cell in PJHQ - so please do not be dissapointed if CB turns your application down! :D
  2. Thanks NTTT!
  3. It's OK, you can take your nose out of her backside now. :wink:
  4. I have no nose. I am a monocellular being. At least this way I get to know what is going on instead of waiting for Speckled Jim to arrive! :)
  5. So few attended this eveinings event.

    Do we assume that so few are now leaving, and that those on the way out have already secured employment?

    PS: You know when you are getting old when you meet another callsign's kids on the network!! ..........2 papa :wink:
  6. Erm - special branch/child protection will be round later no doubt.

    Ok - I hope not but it doesn't read well does it?
  7. SS, it might have something to do with the fact that it was not particularly well advertised. Which at least explains my absence.......and no I certainly do not have a job yet :(
  8. Ah, but those who did attend were generally the elite of the old, fat and grumbly.
  9. On my way back from INFOSEC a mysterious force guided me to a deep subterranean cave by a remote part of the Picadilly line.

    In a darkend corner sat a wizard who told me that the ICAREC website lives but needs just a few minor spells before it can be brought back to life. The wizard tells me it will look more like this sort of BB (@rrse), than the old website.

    You will know the Asst Corps Sec is on leave until Monday but I will need to confer with her but....help is probably required to

    -Develop CONOPS,
    -assign permissions,
    -document and issue logons and passwords ( by snail mail)...
    -Moderators will also be required
    -ITSO and
    -some incident response procedures??
    surely not ?? :oops:

    As a "Network" user of the old site , I am particularly keen to work out how we audit our security and to differetialte between those in work, and those who are available for work: AKA " the Register"

    We will be looking for suggestions and support as to how we can keep this running. We can not continue to depend on the goodwill of one or two individuals who have to fit it in with their day jobs and six month trips to the sandbox.

    Proposal is that we set up a website "show and tell" session for interested members of the NETWORK / those who are prepared to be moderators / site admins, at a suitable venue in London in the next 2 months . This way we maximise the value of the wizard's precious time away from his place of duty, and as a public servant, we will certainly NOT be buying him lunch :evil:

    If you are interested in contributing, please catch me in the bar after the next ICAREC mtg or PM me.
    multiple edits for some of the mong spelling
  10. May I suggest holding it somewhere other than London?