ICAREC Clinic - Monday

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Glad_its_all_over, Oct 29, 2005.

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  1. Anyone due out soon or willing to help coming along to this? PM me for details of timing, venue etc.
  2. Make it a good one. The worst thing about those I attended a few years back was the lateness of the hour; the best business gets done in the bar/restaurant/brothel after all the selfserving BS at the initial venue. By 'business', I mean, of course, "networking". You need time to circulate, abuse mutual enemies/friends among the people attending, and there was never that opportunity then. Start Early. Seriously.
  3. It's an 1800 kickoff and I, for one, plan on saying no more than twenty or so words for my piece.
  4. Bump, Pm me before 1400 if you need details.
  5. BUMP

    Is it that time of year already?

    I believe CR has the URL for the WEBEX ?
  6. Have a good one, good results wished on all attending.

    (Can't be there; clocking-on time at the notreallyacallcentrenohonest).
  7. The CPNI GPG for on-line social networking is here If you read nothing else, the End User guide at pages 45-48 will be a useful guide for anyone who is a former or current member of the Intelligence Corps, or a parent of children who are active on social networking sites.

    "Get your CV in front of the HR department?"

    The HR department will understand little or anything about your skills, and probably not the role the company is looking to recruit you for. As the Chair said, you should be looking to get your CV in front of the person who needs the role filled, not the HR department.

    An impassioned plea from one of the industry speakers NOT to post anonymous CVs on the www, as he will not take you into account on his search. My personal view is that it may well not be a headhunter that gets you your first job.
  8. Can anyone PM me the details of the Corps Secretary? I'd like to get myself added to the distro for the ICAREC job opportunities. Cheers!
  9. Grunt34,

    If you are a member of ICA you will automatically be on the distribution list for the ICAREC job opportunities. If you are not, you will know the reason why you are not receiving them !
  10. I'm a fully paid up member, currently on HERRICK like half the Corps seems to be, and haven't seen anything from ICA for some time. However that's probably my fault as I've changed email addresses - so if you can help, I'd appreciate it.
  11. PM sent.......