ICAREC Clinic - a poll

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ShortFatBloke, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. London - Weekday evening

  2. London - Weekend

  3. Oxford - Weekday evening

  4. Oxford - weekend

  5. Manchester - Weekday evening

  6. Manchester - Weekend

  7. Edinburgh - Weekday evening

  8. Edinburgh - Weekend

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  9. I wouldn't attend a Clinic.

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  10. Other

  1. By steadfastly refusing to be held anywhere except central London, the ICAREC clinic is alienating those networkers who live and work outside of London and those Corps members posted to anywhere except London and the home counties.

  2. If you feel strongly enough about it, host one at the place you consider would meet the needs of those in your area. I'm sure that if there's the will and some effort, it'll happen. The List, for instance, hosts meets at eight locations.

    I would say that two locations at either end of the country is enough, but I'm in NI at the moment, so it would cost me more than most to attend anywhere on the mainland. I don't think the demand is high enough here to have a separate meet, so I have to struggle on by myself when I don't have a contract. :crying:
  3. Time is of the essence (for both elements) at ICAREC clinic's and although the basis is informality (and the chance to `catch up` with former Corps members in the bar) a longer period than the two minutes normally allocated to NETWORKERS would be better.

    Chicksands on a suitably marketed Saturday (1000 - 1600hrs) would probably be an option that should be considered - also according to my SATNAV it is quite central.

    It would give the opportunity for those Corps members on courses (who normally cannot attend) to get a idea, following a structured and well rounded career in the Corps, what is potentially open to them - not wishing to increase any potential retention issues by the way.

    Perhaps even ADASTRA would like to attend as he will have to leave the Service one day - or are the following civilian career progression list already pencilled in ? NATS; followed by not in any particular order BAA; BAE Systems; BA; Virgin :)

    I have often suggested (fell on deaf `gunner` ears?) that perhaps NETWORK members who have had commercial experience (all compentancies surrounding Corporate Security & Intelligence Risk Management ) could be invited to be Visting Speakers at trade courses. Therefore putting their perspective on how tradecraft, skills and experiences gained from their former Corps life worked (or not :oops: ) in the commercial world.

    If I am not to late. Could some body bring this up at the ICAREC meeting this evening as unfortunately I am the duty resilience standby reactor for Dungeness for the next two weeks :evil:
  4. The Networkers 2 minutes in IMHO becoming an outdated concept. When the forum is up and running I feel it provides a richer and more accessable resource, which rather talks to concerns raised by SFB and AJG.

    Same for Bulford / Netheravon, JSSU O + D, York, Shrewsbury + Edinburgh? But recognise that both the ICA staff and Units may be hard pressed to deliver this without support from the wider ICAREC community, serving .......and those on the other side.

    Agree, I think at least one individual has already made such an offer. There area number of others on the Network who would be happy to take this up.

    Two minutes is not enough and an ICAREC clinic may not be the best forum to resolve this matter.

    If this is a contractor-led service offering, I hope that CGT and Corporation tax will be paid in full. If this is Resilience associated, please confirm you are a Category Two responder within the terms of the Civil Contingencies Act?
  6. Who is running the FLINTSTONE network now?
    Has anyone seen a copy of Jason Boring's CV? ( The file says he never worked in Berlin before)
    Why are you still after his CV after all these years ?
    The assett was deployed to take Boring out, but fell asleep within minutes
  7. Some good it did her though? Apparently it was FLINTSTONE that got her in the end, that's why they shut it down.
    Who or what is CV?

    It had been suggested that there might be an opportunity coming up shortly in the FOSNI TLB where my I+W and vulnerability assessment skills could be put to good use. I'm already working on my resume.

  8. Its Resumé, ffs, you cheeser.
  9. Brilliant idea with the poll SFB. Well done.

    You all know my thoughts regarding the ICAREC. It is excellent. Monday's was excellent. Next year's will also be excellent.

    Now, let's analyse the poll results.... Well, there we have it - democracy in action (47%). Unless the 15% others could be broken down, consider this thread closed. All points made reference availability of networkers elsewhere around the country are entirely valid and therefore holding ICAREC 'up t'north' somewhere won't happen in the foreseeable future.
  10. 19 votes cast and you call that democracy?

    You are Gordon Brown and I claim my £5
  11. Depends on wether you were a Job Seeker, a Networker or somebody at the back who always turns up, probably had something to say but could not be bothered !

    Whilst unfortunately I could not attend IMHO the format is getting tired and lacks input other than the attendance of `usual suspects - I include myself in this. Just think how much better it could be with greater engagement and participation with the estimated 300+ people (of All Ranks) who have left the Corps in the past 10 years !