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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by svjazist, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Is there still an ICA PRI type shop at Chicksands, if so anyone got a phone number please? The useless clothing store here has no Corps berets.:frustrated:

  2. svjazist - You should not have to pay for essential basic equipment such as a beret. I dont know the circumstances of where you are or with who you are "lodging" with, but the clothing store has a duty to acquire your berets if they do not have them on the shelves.
  3. I know, but am in the position where I'm going on a career course the week after next, my unit is on POTL until the end of next month so the actual storeman isn't here ,his stand in can't order them in so it's buy 1 or go with one that has just got back from an op tour.
  4. Order it through Silvermans. It will be with you on 2-3 days.
  5. Svjazist, PM me your proper address and I'll send you a beret, I have a couple of brand new spare ones. Fuck paying Silvermans, they are profiteering bastards. (£20 for a desert hat for TELIC1 cos 14 Sigs didn't have any that were larger than 55)

  6. good job you have a wee head!!

    edited to add - check your PMs
  7. The ICA shop is in the museum (Open 1000-1400 hrs Mon-Thurs or by appointment. Civies - by appointment only otherwise you will not get onto camp).

    Contact number is 01462 752342. Entrance free.

    New lines include jigsaws for Tank/Aircraft/Ship/Uniform Spotters and particularly tasteful silk knot or barrel cufflinks (Only £5). I am afraid that there has been no progress on the Corps colours themed underwear.
  8. Bugger.....My Corps thong has just gone at the gusset!
  9. Try this link,

  10. What can I say - our silk ties are cheaper (£13 to Corps only) and I am currently test driving a pair of the very same socks (but the green isn't quite right - I just don't feel comfortable in them).
  11. Glad I didn't waste my money then.
  12. Are there any plans to start producing the Corps slippers that I saw pictures of at the ICA shop?
  13. Either you need help or I am being 'wahed'! But on the grounds people have actually asked for the slippers in the shop... If you would care to purchase your own slippers we can sell you two Blazer Badges for £5 each and you can stick them on the slippers yourself.

    (I have so earned my payrise this year!) :lol:
  14. No wah, honestly! I saw a picture of them in the catalogue up at the shop, last October.

    Even the slippers were Cyprus green and had the rose and laurel on the front of each slipper. Very fetching, actually.
  15. Has the ICA shop product line been digitalisated? My supply of Corps beermats is strewn across the bars of the African mining industries and I need more, plus I fancy that 'slippers' thing.