ICA shop Int Corps chocolate.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ਦੁਨਗਰ, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. Which of these delicious flavours is your favourite Int Corps chocolate? Only £2 a slab as well.
  2. At the LSS, the Camp Commandant prefers Fruit and Nut.

    I'm not sure about staff on East Midlands Trains, but on Virgin Trains they only sell Frys 5 Boys.
  3. Hey...that's clever. Another post about which is better...Dark or Light side of the Corps. :roll:
  4. Although it feckin pains me to say it, I like dark!
  5. Never bought the stuff myself, what a rip!
  6. Gah! Typical ਦੁਨਗਰ. The survey was also meant to include the 'orange' flavour so to truly reflect the glorious choice of Int Corps chocolate on offer in the ICA shop. Could the Mods change the survey to give voters the choice they deserve?

    I wonder if the Kraft take over bid of Cadburys will have an impact on the quality or price of chocolate from the shop?

  7. No.............. Hersey Bars is the way ahead. :soldier: They're for blerks in North Face jackets and complimentary Ray Bans. Whoo...ha
  8. I bet that comes back to bite you on the arse! :lol:
  9. 'Bite' him in the ass?
  10. No one mentioned donkeys.
  11. Dark(siders) chocolate?
  12. Milk all the way, I have a soul unlike you vampiric dark chocolate eaters.