ICA On Line Region?

NTT, Glad and myself have been kicking around the idea of an on-line region. We wanted to try + hook up those unable to meet for a lengthy lunch in a quiet country pub, yet alone get ot the green RV.

This could be for a number of reasons: stuck at home with the kids, working every hour god sends, or in some godforsaken place.

( also conscious that in that godforsaken place there may be some still serving, just a few blocks away from some who have left)

You could still be serving, but off in some far flung post on your own.

The on-line branch would support all the good aims of ICA, but in a more virtual sense. ( does not mean that we are NOT going to organise functions though :wink: ) This is early days yet and we are still close to the blank piece of paper stage. There will be OPSEC and due dilligence processes we need to put in place. But.....

If you think this is something you might like to support and have any ideas, appreciate if you could post them below or PM me.


PS: for those so inclined, the branch might consdier sending christmas boxes..............
Excellent idea, put my name down for it. And I don't want to be Entertainments Secretary, Minute Scribe or Treasurer.

(Due diligence I can do for you, though, at a competitive but 'business class-ish' price.)
It hasn't gone away you know?


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subbsonic said:
It hasn't gone away you know?
No more it hasn't. Can I appeal for a quick show of hands of those who'd be interested - bearing in mind that we're all busy and the primary driver for this would be social and there would be no chance of the Suburban Tennis Club Syndrome - you know, intense politics as to who is going to be Hon Sec etc .
I´m still on leave at the moment. when I get through the 395 unopen items in my email acount I´ll try and pick up the loose ends again and give Corps Sec / NTTT2 a bell next week.
Just woken up from your afternoon nap then?

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