Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Piglet_Files, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. I am simply posting this because I may evoke some discussion but I was really trying to get some thoughts regarding membership of ICA and its ties to ICAREC.

    I spent a full 22 year career in the Corps and joined ICA on Day 4 of the Old Induction Week at Ashford in Dec 1984. Suffice to say that I was a fully paid up member for 22 years - the mathematicians amongst us can be really sad and work that out in terms of subs. My first thought evoking question is that should 22 year 'retirees' be given honourary membership of ICA bearing in mind their regular contribution compared to, for examaple, a SNCO transferee?

    Secondly since ICA and ICAREC are inextricably linked, I am no longer entitled to receive ICAREC bulletins. Yet let's just say, for a nominal financial amount E2 individuals can receive the weekly ICAREC job releases/user id for the currently redundant ICAREC Website. Is this morally right? I dont have any particular grievance against E2 subscribers to ICAREC - if the Network helps then find employment then it has served its intended purpose - I just simply cannot understand the lack of parity.

    I am not being narrow minded. I know that ICA and ICAREC are two different things and I fully understand and appreciate the invaluable benefits, events and support that ICA provides.

    Oh and before I finish I am expecting the "Just Get your wallet out and pay your ICA subs" from the Usual Suspects - TMA, SS, MOC, CR etc etc
  2. Just get your wallet out and pay your ICA sub.

    We hate to disappoint.

    Seriously, is it the case that E2s can get the ICAREC bulletin?

    If you want a pure Corps network, you could do worse than get on to http://www.linkedin.com which hosts a group - Green Slime - which is guaranteed only Corps and where some very tasty news is occasionally circulated. PM me or sub or TMA for details of how to join in the fun.
  3. An Interesting an emotive post Piglet .

    I cannot remember what Subs E2 and other individuals who can claim an `association` with the Corps and therefore obtain a certain level of membership pay –although I recall there was a mention of it (along with the membership rules) in the latest edition of the `Laurel & Hardy`.

    However, it cannot be less than the 12 or so quid that I pay annually.

    Look at it this way, they subscribe and therefore have to get some benefit – even if it is only a weekly e-mail advertising watches for sale. :oops:

    Regular/Reservists who subscriptions from the Days Pay scheme get their just benefits in the form of grants etc for Adventure Training etc

    The Old & not so Bold get – if (sadly) circumstances dictate – various grants/help to assist them and their families.

    Your cash it needed desperately. If not to pay for Gladys` stabilisers for his motorcycle and TMA’s stair lift, then at least to pay for yet another oil painting of some General. :x

    So pay up and stop moaning.

    I wonder how much commisioning a portrait actually costs ? Perhaps a question at the next AGM :evil:
  4. "There is no such thing as a free lunch"

    Myself I would charge to join ICA and ICAREC. A number of headhunters seem to do quite well out of us. I think the least they could contribute towards the buffet.

    It has been suggested in the past thet ICAREC could also set itself up as an influential commentator on industrial security matters, on a par with ASIS + TSI. ( I am a member of both, but believe a civilian facing facet of the Corps would carry at least equal influence)

    There is a lot more that could be done in terms of fundraising. But like the guy who did the lovely Breitling Navimeters, do not have the bandwidth to deal with matters on the periphery. I know that TMA can eulagise this sponsorship opportunity far better than I can ( when they have disconnected him from the drip)

    Free ICA after only 22 years? did it loose it's novelty value so soon?
    (sprog !)

    There may still be guys left who jumped in at Arnhem, chipping in £12 a year. Undoubtedly a fair few left who only had one mag for the Walther.

    Get a grip of yourself man! :evil:
  5. The £12 annual fee to remain a membership of ICA is surely affordable to a man of your calibre. Don't forget, the £12 isn't just to receive ICAREC bulletins, but goes into the bigger ICA pot - the uses of which I am sure you are well aware. If E2s want to contribute to the wider financial aspects of our Corps association and in doing so, receive assistance in finding employment on leaving the Army, then good on them. A fair few will have served around our Corps for longer than some direct entrants and have some better skills associated with our former trade. On the flip side, some are just absolute choppers, but in my experience, they are few and far between.

    So as not to disappoint - get your hand in your pocket etc.etc.
  6. On the topic of E2's let us not forget that one or two former and serving members of the Intelligence Corps are also members of other regimental and corps associations as well.

    Yes theis includes "Jim " and "Bob" formerly of HQNI
  7. Fully paid up ICA member and never yet received an ICAREC bulletin. Didn't even know they sent them out.
  8. Are you a member of ICAREC? Although ICAREC and ICA are linked, you need to join ICAREC before you leave the Army. You will then be billed approx £12 per year membership, you will receive your annual copy of the Rose & Pose and reeive ICAREC bulletins. Speak to the Asst Corps Sec at ICA for the full details.
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