IBS Brecon and MTP/Multicam Kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by brecon_billy, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. Shortly about to attend PSBC at Brecon (oh joy!) and was just wondering what the current score on MTP/Multicam kit is down there.

    I've not been issued any MTP clothing as yet (and more than likely won't do before the start of my course) but will they get a sad on if I tip up with my gucci MTP/Multicam webbing and daysack?

    Or is it still DPM all the way down there?
  2. Is there anything in the JIs? You could phone up or get your Plt Sgt/CSM to enquire to the DSM or instructors.

    I would say that they wouldn't mind, given that MTP is coming in... but it is IBS so all bets are off :D

    You could always take both if weight isn't a problem.
  3. Annex C of your JIs (Mar 11) says:
    Combat Clothing
    Item Remarks
    British DPM only No light coloured jungle tropicals / faded Dutch jackets

    Hope that helps.
  4. they weren't too fussy when i was there,
    desert stuff should be sprayed out green/brown, no one seemed to care about the odd camelback multicam day sack

    its down to the DSM choice, most the instructors were cutting about in blackhawk and jay jays rig

    most stuff goes that red-brown colour fairly quickly!
  5. I'm there at the moment and loads of multicam on display....
  6. Well the CSM did say we might get it before Cyprus so it might be all you have mate.
  7. Cyprus you meen lyd ?
  8. Are we allowed multicam? Or are people going to get excited about it because it's not actually MTP?
  9. Well my CSM said that the RSM is happy with MTP, Multicam, DPM or OG kit but definitely no Desert DPM or Coyote Brown. And most definitely no foreign cam or foreign gear (i.e South African Assault Vests).

    As long as it looks issued and british then he doesn't care. And I suspect that we're both in the same battalion.
  10. IBS will be getting fully MTP-ed up in around Oct 11. Until then, all students are expected to wear British DPM clothing; MTP is acceptable on daysacks and webbing, but that's as far as it goes for the time being. There is currently debate as to whether students arriving on IBS courses will get issued MTP on arrival (or beforehand through an agreed UIN at their own units).

    Hope this helps.
  11. Yep, very helpful. Cheers. It's exactly what I wanted to know!
  12. My sons there now doing the LFTT element of seniors and he,s been wearing Multicam kit I made for him and that has been perfectly acceptable, I wouldnt have thought it matters much as it didnt stop him passing with an A and getting top student, good luck and have fun