Discussion in 'Travel' started by amietheyorkshirelass, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. Where's good to visit? Like good clubs and stuff to do in the daytime?

    :D going in August!
  2. Monkgate GUM Clinic
    31 Monkgate
    York YO31 7WA
    Tel: 01904-725417

    Don't know about clubs while you're there though.
  3. san antonia for cheap, cheerful, lots of british slappers...

    ibizia town, classy, expensive, chic.

    figuratas (sp) - gay

    san trixia beautiful beaches, very beautiful people....

  4. Surely you'll be sleeping all day after being off your tits all night? Isn't that why youngsters go to Ibiza?
  5. coastline cafe in san antonio for a bit of grub while you watch the most stunning sunset your likely to ever see. ibizas famous for it. they play some good music and do good cocktails to but they are pretty pricey. thats an excellent start to the evening. then head over to the main street of the west end. exellent bars and a good little club called play 2. most of the bars give you a free shot when you go in. then yougot the big clubs. es paradis runs a water party where you end up knee deep in water. good laugh opposite is eden where judge jules plays every sunday. awsome. then the other super clubs youve got to go out of town to get to. privelidge is fukin huge. amnesia is a brilliant club and got a big ice cannon, and i dont mean shitty dry ice you get at weddings, i mean a fuking huge jet of freezing ice mist they shoot on the dance floor. also in eden you pay once to get in and thats it for the nite. they stamp your hand wich means you can leave and go some where else then go back later on in the nite
  6. most of the freaks out there only come alive after dark. its a real hat area. id steer well clear if i were you
  7. cafe del mar, surely?
  8. keep an eye out for the hookers and looky looky men. theyll try and sell you fake gold chains fake oakleys and any fukin drug you can think of. alot of them are also tooled up, so be aware.
  9. tried the cafe del mar on the first nite but it was to crowded. hard to get to the bar and had to stand on the rocks. worth fdoin just to say you've been there but a few minutes walk away is the coastline cafe where you can sit down and have a bit of grub
  10. my liver and kidneys would agree with you
  11. This sounds like a better and better idea every minute 8O
  12. You need to go to Scarborough for PDT. A week should do it.
  13. I wouldnt recomend staying in San Antonio. its very young and full of chavs, especially west end. Its truth that its lots of pubs and bars there but they are nothing special and the free shots they offer are diluted I guess with water. there is no nice beach there either and the sunset at Cafe del Mar its just a pice of crap. I really dont know why ppl get so excited over it.

    You better off staying in Ibiza Town. Yes it might be a bit more expensive but the town is much nicer as well. There is a beautiful long sandy beach where you can relax after all night of drinking and clubbing. Bar next to it serve drinks and food as well. the only minus are planes that pass over your head to land at a nearby airport. But every time a plane passes everyone drink for it. Its sort of tradition...There is a brilliant atmosphere on the beach.....

    Ibiza town (Evissa for locals) also have the best club ever - Space. I was there when Carl Cox was playing. The best party I have ever seen. The place just rocks. EL Divinio (not sure about spelling) is another club, very expensive tho and maybe a bit posh. Pacha is another place to go. really nice, full of beautifull ppl. Eric Morillo was playing when I was there. It was a big show with latin dancers and some show girls dancing in bikinis. Club is a bit small tho compering to others. you can also take a taxi to other clubs which are about half way to San Antonio. Amesia, one of them, was a total dissaster. We got there and left after 5 min. Again full of chavs . Club tho is impressive, massive with great laser lights. Another one is Privilege.

    Be prepared that all clubs are rip off. In most of them an entrance will cost 35 -45e, drinks; vodka + o.j 15e, 259ml btl water 10e. A taxi ride to San Antonio which is on the other side of the island take about 20 min and cost about 25e. I was there 2 years ago so I guess everything might be more expensive.

    Be also prepared for long queues, maybe even 2h. Be carefull where you buy tickets for clubs. There will be plenty of ppl selling them on streets or comming to your hotel to do so. Im not saying they all bad but you dont want to waste 40e to find that out. We usualy bought ours in local bars.

    It would be a good idea to check who plays in the clubs. Its far too early for it yet as none of the clubs will have they DJ list for the summer. It should be uploaded like May I guess.

    Have fun...
  14. i disagree with you about the sunset, but then im just a sentimental soul. san antonio is a good place to stay if you stay across the bay. the west end is, i agree full of chavs. a good place to go on the piss, but better to stay across the bay so you can relax. cheaper than ibiza town as well. as for beaches, yes the 2 i went to were very small but youve got the sun and the sea, you dont really need much else do you? and yes the free shots you get are a bit shitty i admit, but what do you expect for free?
  15. You can't even copmare both beaches. The one in Ibiza Town its a heaven compering to the San Antonio's one. Full of fun, easy going relaxed ppl, bar next to it with really good tunes playing all day. If you are thinking of beach hol+ clubbing its the place to be. And if you want to run away from everyone and just have a time for yourself just few min walk down the beach and you will find some quiet spots.

    San Antonio has none of that. Every time I passed the beach there was hardly anyone there. Speak for itself.

    If you will find a time try to do some offshore trips. Formentera
    is apparently stunning. You can take a ferry from Evissa harbour. I havnt been there by my mates highly recommended it.