Ibilola-a t.w.a.t. or what?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by dui-lai, Aug 28, 2004.

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  1. No, he and his like should be commissioned and we should not resent them

  2. Possibly, but he/she should have consideration for others

  3. Damn right, jumped up little runt. Burn the techie!

  4. All techs should be drowned at birth-degrees huh!

  1. Well folks what do think about our new kid on the block?
  2. Ibilola,

    petulence is not an effective debating tool :evil:

    some of what you say has weight, but speak to the rest of us, some of the trade don't want a commission. Me I'll settle for a Fcuk off big pay rise.
  3. An individual with the bottle to express what he thinks in open forum.

    We might not agree with his point of view, but isn't that the whole point of ARRSE - you lift the your head above the parapet and are prepared to take the kick in the head or the pat on the head dependant on what others think about your post.

    I hope he keeps posting and expressing his views.
  4. Frankly he bores me. His arguement is the same on each post he makes/thread he starts. 'I want to be a WO2 because I have a degree. If I can't be a WO2, I want to be an officer'.......yawn.

    What part of the recruitment interview/selection process did this cnut ( and some of you others, i.e. GADO the blanket stacker) not understand......or was his degree a waste of a good fcuking education and his parents retirement fund?

    He enlisted as an OR. Tough sh*t. He should have listened to the recruiter.

    If he wants to be an Officer, then he should apply for a commission. Or is there something he's not telling us.............like he's already been rejected or his trade don't get commissioned?

    If he wants to be a WO2..........well, that's another story.
  5. Neanderthal,

    others and myself don't mind expression but when it is dripping in petulance and that he/she is demanding higher rank priveliges then he/she will get both barrels from myself and others.

    I am one of the trades mentioned in his first post, I agree with some points but his/her attitude p*sses others off. If he/she adopts a more pragmatic approach to the problem then he/she will get respect but only then.

    Good to see your back, thought you'd disappeared down the corridors of power never to reappear :wink:
  6. Nice posting too Badass :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  7. I personnaly am sick of him whinning on about his rank! Work for it like the rest of the AMS do, degree or no degree.
    I thought rank was earnt on military knowledge and not how many letters you have after your name!
    And before any one starts I also went to University, am a Cpl and happy with my lot in life thank you very much.

    And as an after though, how many trades within the AMS don't require a University level of education! So what makes Radiographers any diffrent to the rest of us!!
  8. An astute point sluice, we shoud be fighting for improvments for the whole Corps, not just one trade.

    and as for what makes us different we are all very good looking :roll:
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Another reason why the RAMC forum leads all the rest for simple and effective debate!
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Oh I would have gone for the drowned at birth option, but I do in fact like dui lai! (Well out of curiosity more than anything! :wink: )
  11. Who are you trying to kid Golm :wink:
  12. ?? well me, obviously! :wink:
  13. Missed out the Golm bit didn't you :wink:
  14. OK, who voted for the first one-Techx2 was it you? :roll:
  15. In your dreams, can't remeber the last time i saw a good looking military radiographer!

    And why the Corps, why not the whole AMS!

    Yes I am a QA.