IBB&IJLB Memorial Weekend Oswestry 6/7 June 2009

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  1. The Infantry Boys Battalion & Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion Association
    Memorial Dedication Weekend
    6th/7th June 2009

    The IBB & IJLB Association will be dedicating a memorial built from donations raised by the Infantry Regimental Associations and ex Junior Leaders over the weekend 6/7 June 2009 at Oswestry to commemorate the achievement of this unique Infantry Battalion which will tell future generations who we were, what we were and what we achieved. Secondly it will probably be the last time that the IBB & IJLB Association will march through what is considered its spiritual home, Oswestry exercising its right to do so having been granted the freedom of Oswestry in 1971.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all Regimental Associations and ex Junior Leaders whose generosity has made this memorial possible.

    The format for the weekend:-
    Saturday 6th June

    Meet at the Rugby Club (the former Officers Mess) at Park Hall Camp at 1200 Noon for an informal get together. Sandwiches, a bar and light refreshments will be available to purchase. There will be a display of photographs and memorabilia in the Clubhouse.

    Dinner at the Old Assembly Rooms at the Camp (now an entertainment suite) will be
    served at 1930 for 2000 hrs. A full bar will be available.

    Sunday 7th June

    1000 am - Assemble at Oswestry town centre for the Dedication parade and march through Oswestry. A memorial drumhead service will be held at Cae Glas Park, the location of the memorial. The Prince of Wales Division Band will be in attendance.

    1300 hours – Curry lunch in the Old Assembly Rooms at Park Hall Camp, a bar will be available in the Assembly Rooms.

    1500 hours – The Band will beat Retreat on the Oswestry Showground which is the old Drill Square at Park Hall Camp.

    For further information about booking dinner, lunch or parade only please contact the Secretary, of the IBB & IJLB Association, Mr Ken Nicol at :-

    44 CEFN ROAD
    LL13 9 NH
    email KnnthNic@aol.com
    or visit the IJLB Association website at www.ijlb.co.uk for further information.
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