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  1. It may have been knocking around for a while now but ive just been showed a little bit of info on some rifle the septics are using or being offered called the IAR. pretty much an M4 but when you stick it on auto it fires from an open bolt. it uses the standard 30 round mags. Its being posted as a replacement for the minimi( the m249 or whatever they call it) but wouldnt this just make it like the LSW ie a pain in the arse to change the barrel and having to reload every minute??
  2. The IAR is a USMC programme to replace the M249 SAW (similar to our LMG) with a weapon that is supposed to be lighter, more durable and more reliable. Also, they want it to be magazine rather than belt fed. Conceptually, it is similar to the LSW, but the USMC want a 100 round magazine capacity i.e. one of those C-MAG twin snail-drum jobs.

    I don't think that they have announced the winner yet, although I see that the 'National Small Arms Center' website shows that small IAR contracts were given to Leitner-Wise, FN Herstal and General Dynamics in 2006. Probably these are the final contenders. The Leitner-Wise contender is essentially an M4, but with a heavier barrel, a proper gas piston and open bolt functioning in full auto.
  3. spose its better for using in n out of buildings
  4. There's a reason that it's a pain in the arrse to change the barrel on an LSW; it doesn't change. You might as well swap the whole weapon.
    The Minimi LMG doesn't need replacing; it's good as it is; and we don't want another mag-fed LMG. Besides, the M4 is not designed to be used as an automatic weapon; no bipod, and not heavy enough to stop the barrel lifting.
    This sounds like an American Idea to me... :roll:
  5. another one of the septic mystery procurements in the making?
  6. You can change an LSW barrel - just takes a few special tools, a workbench, some gauges, new barrel washer, and about 10mins spare time.

    The yanks are testing a 7.62mm Minimi at the moment, similar length, bit heavier but with plenty more ouch at the enemy end. If I find the link I'll bung it in.