Ian Wrights Fat Kids

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by biscuits, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. I don't normally give a feck about fatties, and personally have until now regarded fatness as a sign of weakness.

    Actually I still stand by that, but I now feel sympathy for those that didn't know they were weak!

    Just watching Ian Wright confronting "Jerome"'s mother brought a tear of rage to my very dry eye....

    Ian "Your son is 51% fat"

    Mother (bursts into tears, exits stage right, lighting a fag) "Stop stealing my money to buy food!"

    The irony is that the poor kid is only about 12, and yet his hugely overweight mother is blaming him!!

    I'm just a novice parent (eldest is 3 yrs old), but I'm fairly sure that an example is expected. I know its just a telly prog, but it seems to be handled pretty sensitively.

    I just hope that these are extreme examples, and that this disgusting laziness isn't endemic in Britain.
  2. Oh No!!

    The fat bitch has now sworn to get a biff chit!

    I feel sick.
  3. Biscuits, so you are able to get patronising Brit' TV over there too. Yep, entertainment nowadays is gloating at fcuked up kids, fcuked up parents and fcuked up families being mauled by fcuked up C list celebrities with not an ounce of sense between their ears. They are all totally fcuked up.
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I watched it as well & was gobsmacked! When I was a young spike,PT was a twice a week,2 hour session of Rugby,X-Country ect & it was compulsory.If you were failing, the PTI's could ask you're parents for 'after-school' pt sessions.
    But,I was struck that the parents did'nt give a f**k!! The young lad who spends at least 18 hours a week on a playstation,does'nt eat that many bags of crisps but has to have a packet every day!
    It'll be interesting to see just what happens & if it'll take off.Maybe he should team up with Jamie Oliver & come up with a diet/excercise package.But is'nt it funny how the TV channels are leaping on the 'unfit/fat/diet' bandwaggon?
  5. Diet/exercise package? What's the next namby-panby TV show going to be? People Who Can't Wipe Their Own Backsides? Followed by 30 minutes of being told how to carry out personal hygiene. Bolloxs to them, give them more junk food. Why don't we just let the fat little fcukers and their fcuking stupid parents eat themselves to death. If the lot just died it would be great. Maybe they could then put some decent sh1t on TV.

    Tonight there was a TV show where those 2 bints clean peoples houses. One woman was very capable and in her 60s and she lived like a pig. I mean, she was a completely filthy fat fcuker. Pat was her name. Fcuking pig. I have no sympathy. She needed hosing down. Pig.
  6. haha i also watched it, i could never live like that!!! my room is spotless :D
  7. I couldn't watch this programme as I had work to do, but the adverts gave the gist of it. Hope it gets repeated!!

    Sadly, I see evidence of poor parenting and crap diet every day with my friends and their four year old child who will refuse breakfast but snack til lunch. They're then surprised that she won't eat much lunch. I've seen her polish off a third of a garlic bread from the pizza delivery they had...this less than an hour before she went to bed! This child has no stamina no energy and no ability to concentrate. She was weaned on chocolate and chips. They shop at asda and buy those huuuge buckets of sweets for her, the current one is half empty after less than a week...

    I compare her to my daughter who a month after her second birthday went to the town and country festival and walked for six hours. She has as much stamina as I do, because I refuse to allow her to eat rubbish. She will put any sweets she's given into the pantry where they generally go out of date before being finished, and will regularly put half packets of crisps back because she's had enough.

    Lead by example? Don't make me laugh, parents would then have to accept responisibility for their faults... IMHO parents of fat kids should be locked up for child abuse (Willi Prader syndrome excluded!).
  8. I'm with Downes on this to an extent. Adults are responisble for themselves. Want to eat like a pig? Go nuts, but I don't want to have to smell you when you sit next to/on me on the bus.

    Children however are a different matter. I was out getting some trainers a day or two ago and a couple walked into the shop and they had a kid with them, probably about 5 or 6 years old. The mother was a lardo, and this kid was no different. This kid is, I assume, eating too much crap. The kid has to be taught that sort of thing isn't really on. But it also needs to be enforced. That's what parents are for.

    Of course saying all that, I remember being 12 (a darn sight better than most of you I'd wager :wink: ). I recall being much more self aware and responsible for my actions than most people seem to think people of that age group are. Children that age should know that it is time to sort it out and do something about it. Of course the children would need motivation, but that's what school bullies are for.
  9. OK then, we're in agreement. ExPadsBrat is a shining example and hats off to her. Fat kids to be taken from crap parents. Crap parents to be exterminated.