Ian Usher RIP

I'm not sure if this has already been discussed in here - can't see a thread on the topic, so thought I'd just slot this in for the benefit of anyone who hadn't heard.

Ian Usher, aka Geordie and Para, was found dead in Kielder Forest earlier this month. He was a stalwart of the EW/SI community and served with honour and dedication for his full 22 years.

I first met Ian in 1978, when he and I both arrived at Loughborough. He was transferring from the Parachute Regiment - he'd served in the Junior Parachute Company and had decided that man service in Para Reg was not for him - and we were in the same spec op training squad, the mighty Squad 193, for the next 10 months.

While we never served together after that, for the next 20-odd years we kept in touch and I always enjoyed the occasions we bumped into each other while moving around what was then a pretty small and circumscribed world.

He was a lovely man and I'll miss him.
He was a lovely man and I'll miss him.
I didn't know Geordie anywhere near as well as a lot of people on here but I'd heard the stories and expected the worst when we pitched up for Sweaty Palm.

All fears were unfounded and we had a great time (honest) and I've nothing but fond memories of him.

Surprised that nothing has been said on here before now.

Respects to his family and long standing friends.

I served with Geordie at 14 Sigs. He was also the area manager for the Corps of Commissionaires for the Midlands region and as such worked together for a while, top bloke, sadly missed. RIP

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