Ian Smith RIP


Turned out to be a good man who's mum was a gem. They used to let BMATT use their farm for excercises and many an interesting drink and chat spent on the porch in an evening.
.....and like many of his generation climbed into the cockpit of a Hurricane to fight for the British Empire. He did his bit.

Perhaps Mugabe who seems to have learned his political profession from the soviets, assorted gangsters and corrupt looting hangers-on - who inherited a going concern - could learn from his example .....but I doubt it.

RIP - A man - out of time and out of friends. (Particulary the UK government.)
Just a little bit of his wartime history;

He served in 237 ( Rhodesia ) Squadron and later in 130 Squadron RAF.

He had an accident on take off in 1943 at RAF Pembury, Wales and suffered burns which left half his face paralyzed.

Later in the war he was shot down over a railway facility in Italy.For 5 months he fought alongside partisans behind German lines.
A truly heroic man in many ways.

A good soldier but an utter arse in things political. The more realistic Boers finally betrayed him. After that sticking with the "Whites only" stance of the RF party was obviously a mistake. He has his own responsibility for what Mugabe became.
for his faults, a Black man had a better lifestyle, medical care, jobs and stable governance under Rhodesia than under Mugabe, he predicted that Maugabe will ruin Zimbabwe, been proved right many years later, the rot started in 1987 when Mad Bob withdrew Whites Reserved Parliamentary representation, the Whites kept Zim afloat, it was the Bread basket of Africa, now they couldn't feed themselves or organise a P1ss up in a Brewery, if there is one still standing.

RIP Ian Smith , done his bit for the Empire.

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