Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EAGLE1, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Thank you for sitting down together on this historic day.
    Thanks to everyone who has worked hard over the years to bring about this chance of lasting peace.
    Congratulations to all parties who have helped to attain this change in direction. RIP to all the souls that are not here to share in this historic event.
  2. What are the odds on it not lasting or the pair of them/one of them storming off?

    Although this is the furthest either of them have ever got.
  3. Most of us never thought we'd live to see the day. There was a time not long ago when IRKP wouldn't even enter Stormont buildings if Adams or any SF were inside.

    I'm pinching myself with disbelief at what's just been announced on the news. Hoping the best, and, as always, prepared for the worst.

    The wretched Blair will of course now claim some credit for this, as it's happened on his watch.
  4. Had been wondering if hell had frozen over.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Playing his cards well, using the delay tactics to stir up the natives whilst making Bliar look as inneffectual as he reallly is. No loss of face when you see what the inevitable conclusion will be!
  6. I don't suppose their is any chance of them being caught "in flagrante" together? You know, involving strawberry yoghurt and swarfega with Paisley shouting "If only I had met you years ago Gerry".

    Or failing that the two bigoted sh1te piles just dying of simultaneous Cardiac Infarctions.

    They claim to be trying to represent their electorates. Surely most people in NI want to be allowed to get on with life, with their Gubmint in place?
  7. Any man that can sit down with Ian Paisley for any amount of time and not kill him must have patiance. Mind you the same could be said for Adams.

    Put them both in a bit and give them a sharp stick each. Two men in, no men out. The Thunderdome approach to NI politics.
  8. They seem simply to want the business of running NI to go on - somehow or other. At times I'm inclined to think that a significant sector of the NI electorate has more or less given up caring whether there's a Stormont Administration or a continuation of Direct Rule. A lot of "middle Ulster" has been doing very nicely with recent rapid growth in prosperity etc. under DR, and seems less politically engaged than formerly.

    Over 40% of voters didn't bother to turn out for the elections, and the moderates inevitably slid still further into the margins of local political life. A shame, as the extremists now have the field left to them. It's anyone's guess what they will do with it - but today's news and TV footage are quite extraordinary, whatever lies downstream.
  9. I second that emotion... well said.

  10. Blair has no doubt promised the DUP that NI will get the most golden of handshakes for re-generation.(as if they need it) It is something to get them to breate the same air without choking but another to get them to agree on anything. I'd love to be a fly on the wall for their first parliamentary debate.
  11. Passed a red bloke with tails and horns, ice-skating into work this morning!

    I can only boggle at whatever dirty behind the scenes dealings went on to bring about this reconciliation. Presumably, as it was brokered by Peter Hain, it will be no less corrupt and corrupting than those brokered daily within our own parliaments.

    I wonder if Dr Paisley and Mr Adams will chose to sit next each other at subsequent meetings??
  12. I suspect that even they realise they are really in the last channce saloon as far as reaching a political way forward, if either of them blows it this time they are going to have one h*ll of a job in getting their own supporters to vote for them again, they both promises the best deal, but to do that they have to have a deal, no deal is not a winning option
  13. ...practising for the next series of Dancing on Ice probably....
  14. Whatever IP and GA may fail to achieve, I'd bet they each have an irreducible diehard core of solid support that will always vote for them, pretty much come what may. Certainly looks that way with IP over the long years. The cores of the tribes will vote for their respective flag-wavers.

    A crux might come if there had to be yet more NI local elections and if less than 50% of the electorate bothered to vote. Perhaps a lot less. I could see that situation arising, if the IP/GA joint effort failed to work for whatever reason, and if most of NI continued to be fairly comfortable economically. There might well be a widespread feeling of "we're more or less OK, so let's forget about politicians and let London apply Direct Rule again".

    If the threatened high water rates get put to one side (and I'd bet Hain/Brown have already said they'll scrap or seriously reduce them, in exchange for this establishment of a PS Executive) , I don't see any other matter that's of burning importance to the average Joe in NI at present.
  15. A crying shame it's taken them so bloody long though. Bigots, the lot of them.