Ian Hurst Chicksands Walt????????

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by iPadPlodding, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. Ian Hurst is all over Sky News this morning bleeting on about how he's that important the press had to bug him and it'a all the Mets fault!!!!!!!!!

    Is he a Chicksands walt????? Does anyone know him and am I way off the mark???

    It just seems to me that he's jumped firmly on the outrage bus to get himself in the news and up his own profile.

    Thoughts please.

    P.s if I'm found dead by Monday morning then he was on the dark side!!!!! But for god sake don't send the met to lock him up.
  2. Sorry, who the fcuk is Ian Hurst?
  3. Seven posts and he asks for information on a potential "Walt" who apparently is all over Sky News? And he uses the term, "Outrage Bus"?

    I smell Journo...
  4. Haha I'm no journo sorry to say. Oh and werewolf you need to check your telephone messages your mums been after you for ages!!!!
  5. He's ex int corps I understand. He's been hanging about on the news for a few months now banging on about how he's been bugged and hacked.
  6. Patty's love child.
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  7. Please tell her I'm very flattered but I'm sorry; it's not happening.^_~
  8. Werewolf, she's truly gutted.
  9. What this thread really needs is more punctuation marks. Or some lols or rofls or lmao as we haven't had any of them yet.

  10. So IAN how much are you expecting in a compensation payout if your claims are justified.

    Just for Brandysoured.


  11. To steal a phrase from Private Eye'

    Ian Hurst, (Who he? Ed.)

  12. Look at my grammar, I'm clearly not ex Int!!!!!
  13. Oi its my job to shout JOURNO! while stood on a step ladder got it!!!!:thumright: