Ian Huntley and other dangerous offenders.....

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by dangerousdave, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. A few searching questions..... If someone told you the following.....

    If someone killed my child, i'd do everything in my power to hunt them down and kill them!

    OK.... Some will agree and some will be outraged at that? Hmmm... democratic free speech and society lets us say that tho does it not? Something to reflect on and research? Where does free speech cross over into breaking the law?

    Would rehabilitation work with offenders like Huntley Et Al?
    What is the answer to someone who cannot be rehabilited?
    Can they be rehabilited at all?
    Will a comfy cell with DVDs/X-Box, 3 meals a day, and plenty of activities to keep them fit and healthy do justice, or lock them in a dark cell 24 hrs, with nothing but 4 walls, sink/loo/bed. Or to save tax payers money, and just execute those who commit such evil crimes?
  2. The answer is not rehabilitation but punishment and deterrence.

    Kill them.... preferably in the same manner that they inflict on their victims.. and any human rights lawyers that may object.
  3. Child killers/peados = Death penalty. End of.
  4. Slot 'em all. Just make sure this cunt is first.

  5. Just Fecking Torture them slowly by breaking, ankles, knees, elbows then kill um

    Once they are gone they are no longer a burden on society

  6. Looks like Ian's been getting more than 3 meals a day...
  7. Just to answer some of your points, you say you would hunt down and kill the person, You wouldn't get the chance or opportunity when has it ever?
    When does free speach break the law? When you start inciting.
    Rehabilitation for Huntley is impossible because he will in his lifetime in prison become institutionalized like all lifers. Besides which his motives ( in my OPINION) were sexual, even though the bodies were too badly de-composed to tell.
    Treating prisoners like animals is what they used to do, and I admit in the short term they were cheaper, however in the 80's does no one else remember the riots that led to whole prison's needing to be re-built? That WASN'T cheaper now was it?
    Besides which only a small amount of prisoners will never see freedom again, I believe it's less than a hundred as whole life tarif, If that's so if you do lock them up in a dark cell for x amaount of years and then release them what happens then as they are raping and killing you, your mam, wife daughter pet hamster?
  8. I'm looking for profesional opinions on this tho, not peoples personal feelings :)
  9. DD

    You posed an emotive question, what do you expect.

  10. So IF we had the death penalty when the Jamie Bulger killers were convicted and they were sentenced to death at 10 yrs old, wouldnt that make the executioner a child killer :?
  11. I have for years backed the death penalty, but after seeing news article; maybe we should keep a few prisoners like Huntley inside for the amusement of the other prisoners.

    A big thank you to all those prisoners who are making his sentence hell. (He'll probably get compo or early release and an apology. Lets hope its early release so the general public get to play with him too.)
  12. It cost somewhere in the region of £100,000 a year to keep the likes of Huntley, Brady, Black, etc.

    there are an average of 79 child killings per year for the last 25 years. Add that little lot up and you've saved £197,500,000 in 25 years.

    I'm sure I could spend that on something that actually enriches society rather than try to rehabilitate scum like them.

    1 round each at 30 shiny pence x 79 x 25 = £590.50.

    Send me the bill.
  13. No it makes him an executioner. nothing else. the Bulger killers were child killers ergo they die for their crime. the executioner is carrying out his job for the great and good of the law abiding citizens of this country.
  14. Hence, why this is in this forum and not the Intel/Naffi forums.
    As i am in healthcare myself, i would appreciate the opinions of any professionally qualified posters who have a view point on the subject :)
  15. If you want a reasonable debate on this I'm afaraid it's unlikley, As some seem to view the death penalty as an option, it isn't and can't ever be again.