Ian Holt

Discussion in 'REME' started by silas, Aug 20, 2005.

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  1. Ian Holt

    Ian enlisted in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) on 14th December 1982. After basic training, he went on to complete twelve months trade training (as a gun fitter) before moving with his wife to his first post with 48 Command Workshop, Cyprus. Returning home from Cyprus he served with P&EE, Shoeburyness where his daughter was born in 1986, and then he moved on to the Scots Dragoon Guards in Fallingbostel, Germany. He arrived in Colchester in January 1990 and served for a short time with 45 Field Regiment Workshop before joining 'D' Battery 3rd Royal Horse Artillery Workshop in March 1990. It was on September 23rd 1991 while he was attached to 'D' Battery 3rd RHA and on tour in Belize that he died.

    Ian had reached the rank of Corporal and his full intention was to sign on for the full term of twenty two years in December that year. He was also shortly due to attempt Artificer selection and it was hoped he would succeed and realise his greatest ambition.

    With only approximately five weeks left to serve in Belize Ian's family were informed of his untimely death. Initially they were told he had died while handling a faulty gun, but about 10 days after his death it was suggested in the national press he had been playing Russian roulette. The army personnel initially denied these claims and told the family to ignore the accusations.

    After hearing and reading about the accusations the family repeatedly asked to see the reports on Ian's death to verify what had happened, they were refused access to any written report on the incident, and to this day have not seen the Board of Inquiry Report into Ian's death. Now nearly fourteen years after Ian's death his family have recently been told they cannot see the Board of Inquiry Report as it cannot be found and was probably destroyed after the completion of his case.
  2. I do hope Ian's family make full use of the freedom of information act.
  3. If you'd like to read more about this sort of thing, but would rather read into the issue for yourself, as opposed to some troll's feeble cut and paste efforts, then please click here and make your own minds up about a sensitive issue that 'Silas' is doing his level best to destroy.

    Thank you.
  4. So if the guy toped him self so what his family will have to pay back any insurance compensation they had, best they think on that. Is it possible the army said it was an accident to make things easier on the family? does that make them bad people?

  5. I agree with everyone except Silas,

    Let sleeping dogs lie, and keep your fish-wiving gob out of it.

    Stick to what you're good at, that is peeping your nose out of you curtains, instead of sticking you're poisonous sniping on Arrse
  6. Now that's just plain nasty. Why did you say it? I agree not all want to read something like this but there is no need to be nasty.
    What if a member of his family was to read it? What impression does it give of the REME and it's soldiers?
    Naw that was really nasty.

    Jan Manship-Milligan
  7. I'm sorry , I'm trying to understand this. Are you having a go at the previous poster for being angered by the alleged revelation of this death? Or are you angry at the original poster for posting this traumatic and potentially devastating to the family of the deceased allegation.

    Please tell me which it is.
  8. I new Ian back in 1990 in Catterick he was good lad sorry to hear about this I hope justice will be done RIP Ian
  9. Spectrum - and you just decided to join this evening?

    Good heavens! What a coincidence.

    I am always greatly saddened at the death of any soldier, in any circumstances - anyone who is keen to prostitute soldiers for their own ends should be made to bury the dead such policies inevitably cause; but to use their memory as part of a sick stunt is beyond my comprehension.
  10. What Darth?
    I was refering to the one who said the army may have said it was an accident for the family to get the insurance money.
    It is possible yer man there could have known Ian, Ian was in his late 20s when he died, I think, as for prostituting soldiers for my own whatever! I lost my son also and would never attempt such a pathetic attitude!

    What an awful accusation to make!
    Jan Manship-Milligan
  11. Just a quick question, Jan. Can you tell me why you have come to this site please? Nothing sinister, just curious.
  12. I don't think Darth was making any such accusation of the sort your talking about. Hes just a bit suspicious that all these people have suddenly come here and started making wild accusations of their own without any purpose at all. Thats called trolling. Youre also using the memories of these soldiers for your own ends and thats just wrong. There are ways of airing views like this but why here?
  13. I don't think Jan is making accusations at all she is stating the truth and she is not using these soldiers for her own ends. Free speech exists in this country but it seems not on this site. If any new members join and they say something you don't like then they are wrong if they agree with you they are still wrong we just can't win. Might be you have a very interesting site and you should be pleased people are reading and debating on it or why have it
  14. [/quote]Just a quick question, Jan. Can you tell me why you have come to this site please? Nothing sinister, just curious.[/quote]

    I don't mind telling you at all Flash. This Forum was posted on my forum and I was curious so decided to take a look.
    I am ex wrac, my deceased husband served with the Royal Engineers for 25 years and my deceased son died whilst on duty in Germany.

    I saw Silas and Rupert's post and your members response to the posts and was surprised at the attitude that appeared to be distasteful towards the soldiers who died. I responded.

    I assume you have had some adverse advertisement about your forum...my assumption taken from the suspicion thrown at any new posters who dare to question.

    Jan Manship-Milligan