Ian Dury

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Ciggie, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. A forgotten icon. Blockheads. 2012.
  2. Forgotten? Not by me. Saw him live in 77.
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  3. Ian Dury (and the Blockheads) are one of those group I always wished I'd seen....but now never will. Still greatly enjoy his music.
  4. Given that there's very recently been a well-received film released about his life, I wouldn't really call him 'forgotten'.
  5. He has a son, I know, who shouldn't hide in the shadows...the Blockheads aint buried either. Just forgotten by a load of Londoners and folk who might flag whilst remembering the Pride Of England's Glory.
    Ian dury pride of englands glory - Bing Videos

    Ah, bless him. I'm sure he would have included Tony Bliair, One-Eyed Gordon and all the toffs ( they made ) in-out special branch, Leveson inquiries ooh feck it England's Glory, to name just but a few........name just but a few..... but it wouldn't be Glory then, if one named some recent few.
  6. Bankers,wankers, greedy cunts, chavs and morons and dolescum runts, stupid fuckers in cheap French cars, this is Britain now, here we are.....
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  7. Wasn't he the cripple that couldn't sing?
  8. All Members of Parliament, starting with Snooty Dave : I'm Spasticus ! No, I'm Spasticus....finishing with a fat, smug Rikkie Gervaise..no I'M Spasticus....
  9. Me to Manchester.

    I know someone I trust who knew him after the blockheads Who maintains he was a manipulative twat. great songs though.
  10. Miniguns at dawn on what's left of Hackney Marshes for that one Sir. Bring your own crutch. My seconds will be that lovely Angel Delight with a sprig of mushshroomus magicus al la MoD.
  11. I am of course Vannnn saving the raspberry ripple for BigBird !!!
  12. His biography was enlightening reading. Yes he was manipulative but also very focussed on his writing - he'd take months to perfect the words to some of his songs. I'm sure that the nay-sayers will dispute that but some of the lyrics are quite clever - Trevor!
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Must of been one of the Blockheads first gigs? Before that it was Kilburn and the High Roads playing Dingwalls, the Hawley, Kilburn Empire and like that. If you can remember that lot, you weren't there as they say. His finest moment in my view, with the barking mad Wilko Johnson out of Dr. Feelgood... (Ians nose is a bit red on account of he has got a cold)