Ian Brady's behaviour petty to that of soldiers and politicians.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dingerr, Jun 17, 2013.

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  1. Ian Brady is attending a tribunal in an attempt to get himself declared mental fit to serve in a regular prison and therefore afford him the opportunity to take his own life.

    I smile at the irony that his punishment for those murders is sustained life.

    Hopefully comments like this:

    Will ensure he doesn't get his wish.
  2. I think forcing him to live until he dies naturally is a fitting punishment especially since he really wishes to die.
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  3. Well he's got a point in a way. Not with reference to the Armed Forces, but certainly with reference to politicians. Brady's tally was under a dozen, Blair's must be in the hundreds of thousands, but he gets to travel the world raking in tens of millions because nobody caught him gloating about the carnage he wrought and having a **** over it.

    Not much to choose between them, really.
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  4. Brady's bird was better looking.
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  5. Unfortuntely chaps, such comments are the oxygen these people thrive on. Brady who????

    By all accounts, he is fed thrice daiy via nasal tube which I can't imagine being a pleasant experience so long may it continue. Xmas must be a ****** trying to get a turkey, meatballs, pigs in blankets and stuffing down it.
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  6. Meanwhile elderly patients in Hospital are actively encouraged not to eat. It is rather strange.
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  7. He made the comment himself. He's not thriving on other's comments.

    Being tube feed is not an unpleasant experience.
  8. Only by you J, only by you ;-)
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  9. Well it's easier laying them out rather than feeding them...
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  10. That HAS to rank as possibly the creepiest picture I have ever seen in my life. I need someone to soothe the night terrors away.
  11. Pensioner punching?
  12. No. Think shrouds and a last visit to the Co-Op.
  13. You ******* fairy.
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  14. Nah! That's just BryanTheMegalodon being a ******** as usual!
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  15. Spare no expense*... Make him live. If he doesn't get a telegram from the Queen I'll be disappointed.

    He didn't give his victims the chance to live... he doesn't get decide to die.

    Unless he tells us where Keith Bennet is buried... Once the little lads body is confirmed and buried properly, we'll trebuchet brady in to the North Sea.

    *barring entertainment and pain medication.
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