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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mushroom, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. Given Commissioner Blairs pronouncements on the press coverage over the Soham murders and institutional racism in the press, does this website regard him to be a fit person to lead the Metropolitan Police.
  2. Mushroom, you beat me to it, I don't think Sir Ian Blair is on the same planet as the rest of us. He is also complaining that an industrial found in favour of the Officers he tried to shaft recently, he obviously thinks that the courts and tribunals should follow his lead. The sooner this clown resigns the better for the Met as their reputation is bad enough at the moment, I feel for the Officers that have to serve under this half-wit. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  3. No it bloody doesn't!

    I could scarcely believe my eyes as I skimmed through the paper this morning. What an insensitive prat.

    The Soham murders were simply SO horrific and dreadful, they should not be resurrected by this fool to try and make some Politically Correct point to arrse lick his namesake the Prime Minister. Extraordinary. It goes to show how completely out of touch he is with real life.

    I was driving in my car when I heard the news that they'd discovered the bodies of those beautiful little girls. As the father of two equally beautiful little girls, one a similar age to the victims, I had to pull off the road and weep.

    It's quite simple - The man must go!
  4. With almost every crisis he's managed to put his foot in it somehow: London bombings, Sohham etc etc I'm sure others can provide more examples
  5. I first picked this up this morning, just as they were announcing his apology, which consisted of saying that he was sorry for reopening old wounds in the families & friends of the victims.

    So no apology of the "I was wrong" sort, which suggests that he really cannot understand why the press majored on the case for so long. BBC then had a Sun journo on who made it very plain .... innocent girls, family party, kidmap, reports of possible kidnappers, murderer interviews broadcast on TV etc etc. He also said why the Welsh lawyer (?) got more so much coverage .... wedding plans in pocket, wife-to-be interview next day, father following day ... ie all good human interest stuff.

    Blair's mind seems to be on agendas other than catching criminals, such as PR, news management, and catering for minorities. His departure is now due, even long overdue, but I'm prepared to wait to see him stew over his involvement in the Brazilian affair. That way he'll find it harder to get another public job afterwards.

    PS - Blair must go, and Blair must go too !.
  6. I will agree that he does seem to be picking up a habit of saying the wrong thing and in this case using the wrong examples. But lets get to what he was trying to say, which was the press will sensationalise one type of story more than another and through that it makes the general public feel that the police do selective policing. He was saying that this isn't the case and every crime gets dealt with fairly. He made a mistake in the examples he used, but another one was of two people were murdered on the same day, one white and one black and the press only really reported on one of those.

    Now, we have to look at what is the job of Mr Blair, is he only a figurehead, thus all he has to do is say the right thing to the press, which he has proved inept at, or does he do more than that, does his job have higher responsibilities, thus public speaking is just not his forte! Is he a copper or a polititian?

    In short, we are victims somewhat of press sensationalism, and bad speech writing, but if you look at the actual message, does he have a point.

    Also, the press have a habit of putting what he said into the context of him actually committing the crime, which he never did, but the press try and lead you to the same sense of outrage!

    Just my pennyworth!

  7. My immediate response was as already stated above. I couldn'tbelieve that anyone could score such an own goal. However, on re-reading at a slower pace I gained the impression that he was getting at the media who make their own agenda regarding what gets marketed and what does not. The initial report was not so very different from any other 'young kids disappear' story but this one contained much that was newsworthy. The Taylor kid was the same. They were horrendous and vile acts but that was not the quality that drew our attention - the media marketing ensured that.
    However, even if I am right as to what Blair (cop) was trying to do, he did it in a very poor manner. It is not the first time he has shown a lack of media awareness where press relations are surely a major part of his figurehead job. With this sort of profile, perhaps he could take on the job of running our football team?

    Edited to add.
    Sorry Oneshot. We were both writing at the one time. Didn't mean to shoot at your fox. Great minds and all that..........
  8. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I think the media have taken his comments and given their own spin to it. Are they really going to report inequalities in their own reporting?
    I thought the main jist of his comments were more to do with the difference in reporting of the 2 death on the same day. The white lawyer got fairly major coverage which then ran for several days whilst the Asian who was murdered on the same day was a very minor story.
  9. Ian Blair's predecessor was better.
  10. This little political policeman should just keep his big mouth shut! He has done a hell of a lot of damage to the police service with his statements in the media.Give him his pension and shove him out of the job and let a real policeman take over before he does more damage to the force.
  11. I don't remember him complaining about insufficient publicity being given to the shooting of a foreigner back in July, it hit the front pages alright then and he won't like it when it hits the front page again. Where were the other murders in London and Manchester printed that day .... cont p94.

    Blair out !.
  12. I couldn't help noticing from the picture which accompanied Commissioner Gordon, erm..I mean Blair's pronouncements what sloping shoulders he has. This may be a work-place related injury due to the amount of scrambled egg he has to wear. Frankly I have seen African Field Marshals with less bullion. However I think it is probably due to his A-frame, slip off responsibility attitude that his shoulders have developed their ski-slope characteristics...

    He will have to be sacked, he has shown complete lack of responsibility and leadership integrity and I for one will not await his principled resignation with bated breath.
  13. I haven't liked him since he was first appointed and declared that the greatest threat to London wasn't suicide bombers on the Tube, muggers or serial rapists. No, it was Z-list celebs and Islington dinner-party goers doing a few lines of coke.

    The man is an utter t*** and should never have been appointed.
  14. If Blair cannot understand why the Soham murders was such a big story, and even thinks that most people share his view on the issue, that indicates to me that the man is a buffoon who is unfit to be a special constable let alone a chief constable. He should have resigned when he was found guilty of racism against 3 of his officers.
  15. Going down that road would result in the dismissal of most of the Met, if the Stephen Lawrence fiasco is anything to go by.

    Rule number 1: If in public life, dont comment about anything -ever.