Ian Blair: Internment a future possibility?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Came across this rather worrying nugget, dont think its been picked up by anyone yet.

    Rather frightening if true!
  2. I thought you meant Bliar being interned , shit I knew it was too good to hope for
  3. There will be internement one day, and Sir Ian will be joining his namesake Tony in one of the designated re-education facilities. They raelly should be held to account for their treasonous conduct don't you think?
  4. Can't see it happening. With only three empty jail cells left in the UK, there isn't anywhere to intern people to.
  5. All hot air!
  6. Am surprised Mr Ultra PC would say something like this. But if TB says its ok am sure the lapdog at NSY would agree.
  7. The quote in bold script should not be taken as a direct transcript of what Head Fed said. Who can argue with his basic statement? The bit that bothers me is the phrase "giving the impression". It's just a projected impression and somebody's interpretation of it. Even if only 2 people listen to an event, there is a high chance of 2 different impressions/interpretations.

    I've no strong feelings about the bloke. He's possibly the best we are likely to get. Who are the alternatives?

    The Chatham House rules are very useful and can yield good results. Another consideration is that all thoughts and opinions are open to discussion and nothing is taboo. They fall apart and become useless, though, if some moral crusader subsequently becomes incapable of keeping silent. I would hope that the evident "motor mouth" will be excluded from any future grown up discussions under those rules.
  8. Ian B Liar is Tony B Liar's poodle.
    The man is a waste of space and should be sacked forthwith.
    So should that Welsh one who hates motorists and motorbikes in particular so much that he cant think of any real crime worth focussing on.
  9. I seem to remember that Long Kesh was erected very very quickly?
  10. It will happen. There will be a truly appalling bio/dirty bomb attack and the public will want these things. Then again, they happened in both world wars, and the fabric of our society survived then (in part because of things like internment), so why should this be any different?
  11. Becuase at those times, we had a government with the country's best interests (survival as a nation) at heart. Can you honestly say that you trust the current lot to have our best interests at heart???
  12. If it happens they'll need to get me in the first lot as I'd consider it licence to start shooting coppers.
  13. 30 years of Northern Ireland has taught the Metropolitan Police Commissioner nothing at all has it!

    The British Army had to learn the hard way while those in London learned nothing except the content of their morning briefs!

    Internment is the best news any terrorist could wish for.

    He gets an alienated population separated from it's loyalty to the state which it collectively regards as oppressive and an instant Army!

    They have absolutely no bloody idea at all have they?
  14. Well said
  15. Another knife in the back for the top cop.