IA in a first aid incident

Discussion in 'ACF' started by semper, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. a cadet has wandered off after being told once before not to do during a lesson, she wandered off again this time she tripped and cut her knee open, quite a deep bad cut almost to the bone, i went over and comforted her while sending one off to get first aid kit and the DC as there was no adults that night, first kit was brought in and first aid adminstered, her parents came in and picked her up took her home, she declined an abulance then she wanted one, th e DC at this point took over and seems she has now gone with her parents instead, one problem she has learning difficulties.
    an accident report has been made out.

    im just wondering if i have done everything right and covered myself.

    my views is that it was self inflicted as she walked off and tripped into some sharp stones which is in a TA centre.

    if you were in my position would you have done it differently ?
  2. Hi mate,
    You don't say whether you are an instructor or another cadet.
    I would have done exactly the same, comforted, called for DS and recomended medical treatment
  3. Instructor
  4. Like I said, I would have done the same, if her parents took her home rather than wait for the ambulance then that was there decision, you covered you back by calling for one and how the hell are you supposed to be responsible for sharp stones.
    I speak only from a regimental instructor where the adults are ony a little more grown up, I have no dealings with cadets
  5. A couple of points spring to mind.

    Was the FA administered by a QUALIFIED First Aider? I know it's stupid, but if not, compensation lawyers could have a field day.

    If the cadet does indeed have "learning difficulties," wouldn't she be better off in the Guides or some other organisation subject to less potential hazard e.g. shooting, fire and getting lost? Does the ACF now put PC above common sense when recruiting cadets? If she was able to wander off during a lesson without the instructor noticing, particularly if her learning difficulties are known about, inadequate supervision is a phrase that springs to mind.

    With regard to the tripping, can this be attributed purely to clumsiness? If she tripped over kit that has been left in a silly place, or as a result of inadequate lighting, or over a known trip-hazard, then somebody becomes liable.

    Oh, and were her trousers damaged? ;)
  6. my two cents,

    Did she trip over an obviouse hazzard?
    It it worth getting the hazzard removed?
  7. Couldn’t you sit her in a corner with ice cream and balloons to prevent her running off?
  8. The parents' main concern was the haste with which all tight clothing was removed... ... and not just the victim!
  9. Don't panic Semper - sounds as if I would have done exactly the same thing. If her knee was gushing with blood so much you thought you needed to call an ambulance, the fact that you saw/touched her bare leg when treating her is no big deal. Hope you remembered to talk her through what you were doing (eg. 'I'm just going to roll up your trouser leg to see where the blood is coming from' and 'I'm going to push this pad on your knee to stop the bleeding'). It would take an absolute twat of a parent to try and take it any further (plus, they have no grounds to from what you've said).

    We have cadets with learning difficulties too - not a major problem because everyone knows what their limitations are. They are often the life and soul of the party and integrate very well with the others. If they were doing something inherently dangerous, eg. shooting, we'd have a safety supervisor allocated specifically to them. As for wandering off in a lesson, it does happen. If I'm instructing a class of 12 cadets and one of them disappears I wouldn't drop everything and go and look for them - the theory being I still had 11/12 of the class to supervise and instruct.
  10. All sound actions by the sounds of it.

    One question - do ACF/CCF have to be up to date on Tetanus jabs, or are parents advised that they are recommended.

    With a deep gash - or even a scrape - infection can set in, and a dab of TCP won't necessarily do the deed.

    So, next time recommend after the event that the parents follow up with check records or visit GP/A&E soonest.
  11. Wandering off in lessons.....never in my experience. Although at my Cadet centre we have classrooms woth only one door, so I suppose its impossible.

    Semper, sounds like you're alrite. As regards earlier replies, trip hazards etc should be removed if possible, but if it was just the cadet being a clumsy oafling then theres no problem. As regards the First Aid, even if you arn't qualfied, what were you supposed to do, let her bleed?

    You did the right thing mate, fecking compo culture,
  12. Hi Semper,

    Just picked up this thread so probably well out of date. However as a St John Ambulance trainer / assessor I concur with other postings. Children do not come under the FAW remit so quality first aid as suggested by the voluntary aid societies manual would suffice.
  13. if your not a first aider then call for one. If you are and your male call for a female adult perferably first aid trained. if not you need a female present. if you the first aider or indeed you called for another first aider and either one of you said call an abulance then call one unless the parent is higher level than you. if not then the first aider be it you or another has overall ruling. call that wagon son call that wagon
  14. Semper
    Sounds like you did everything right and by the book!
    once parents do arrive,you can only advise on the next course of action (hospital etc) its then upto them what to do because once they have arrive they will takeover for responsibility of the cadet.
    Would report to C,E,O just so he is kept in the picture he can also advise on any other actions to be carried out!

  15. Sorry to add learning difficulties are not an issue in this situation you did the right thing matey!