IA for a suction cleaner

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Exemplo_Ducky_Mouse, Jul 8, 2006.

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  1. I was trying to explain to some civvies that the Forces have a procedure for dealing with any bit of kit which malfunctions and quoted the IA for a Hoover stoppage:-

    Hoover hoover - Hoover stops.
    Bag off Bag on. Carry on hoovering.

    Hoover hoovers for a few more hoovers - Hoover stops.

    Bag off Bag on. Plug out plug in. Carry on hoovering.

    Hoover hoovers for a few more hoovers Hoover stops.

    That's a far as I got. Perhaps it's because I was taught the drill over 40 years ago!

    Can anyone complete the whole IA :?
  2. If it's a Dyson throw it away as most people do. Or change the fecking plug/fuse.
  3. LMG drill! I would suggest the IA is check plug in wall sockect, plug in wall socket, change bag etc...
  4. Hoover is a brand name do you mean vacume cleaner. I am in a pedantic mood.
  5. On looking at the Hose, you see an obstruction.

    Switch off Hoover, Remove hose, Clear Obstruction.
    Replace Hose, Switch on Hoover, Carry on Sucking.

    Next. :)
  6. A true pedant would spell it vacuum cleaner!
  7. I stand corrected... should check posts
  8. Nah.

    Hoover, hoover, hoover. Hoover stops hoovering.

    Switch off, plug out, bag off, cat out, bag on, plug in, switch on, continue hoovering....
  9. Here's another:

    Camel running all right, camel stops.
    Jump off, hump off, look in.
    Water in, hump on, jump on.
    Carry on.