IA Drills on Contact with Chuggers & all other street ponces

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo2nothing, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. Chaps,

    Got ambushed by some chuggers in Richmond. What's the chosen IA drill on contact with these cnuts?
  2. "sorry, running late, i've got to test shampoo on some bunny rabbits"
  3. Splash the cash, reap the good kharma and feel the lurrrve brother. :wink:
  4. Without breaking step, say very loudly "Pardonnez-moi Mademoiselle/Monsiour, ne parlez Anglais", look busy and walk on...
  5. Just tell em to "fcuk off " works everytime.

  6. Tell then you already give by direct debt to that particular bunch of halfwits
  7. Those tits are amazing. I could watch that all day..
  8. Too far mate, I'd rather they told me about the bonobos in the Congo, than pretend to be French.
  9. Just get through the ambush. If you are in a group re-org at the next pub on the left hand side of the road. If captured tell them you only contribute to two charities, the RBL and BLESMA.
  10. My Boss at the testing lab wont let me give to charity Sorry by the way can you give me two pounds to buy Fags for beagles?????
  11. Right click, save As.... thanks for the pic LT

    Just say anything offensive, then when they pull you back... DROP the Fcukers
  12. "But I already helped to stop aids. I've got nine drag queens on meathooks in my garage"
  13. the other option is to practice a eastern european accent and just say: "sorry, no speak inglish"

    edited to add: Or you can tell them you've just been declared bankrupt and see what they say then!!!
  14. "I've got a wife at home with cerebral palsy, a quadraplegic sister, and triplets with Downes syndrome. And they don't get a penny out of me so you've got fcuk-all chance"
  15. Another keyboard fcuked! tea all over it, cheers. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Tell them money is a capitalist tool used to oppress the free, they will so buy that bollox that they wont be able to pester you, giving you time to do one.

    or as a freind of mine did once in Edinburgh to a Big Issue seller;

    simply look him straight in the eye and say "Fcuk Off". i nearlly shat meself!