IA drill for an outbreak of morale

1. On seeing any suspicious smiles, grins, glints in people’s eyes, general happiness, or, on hearing laughter in any form, giggles, or any other sound that could be construed as being of a happy nature, you should treat it as an outbreak of morale.

2. The following Immediate Action Drill should be carried out:

a. Run down the corridor/garage/storeroom/office shouting

b. Locate the area of the outbreak and make one quick attempt to smother the morale.

c. Place a morale warning sign at the scene (see attached sheet)

d. Apprehend all culprits and double them to the office.

e. The culprits are to be given every shitty job available, and have all leave cancelled, and placed on RP shift/Annex Gd/RSMs fatigues.

f. They are to be taken to the Padre for counseling.

g. They are to be informed of their rights as laid down in the pamphlet “What gives you the right to be happy?” (AFB 32524)

h. Once morale is back to an acceptable level (i.e. none), the culprits are to be allowed back into circulation in a slow and gradual process. Under no circumstances are they allowed to converse or come into contact with other personnel until rehabilitation is complete.


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