I your vagina the wrong colour?

Would the wrong colour stop you? although smell may call for an S10.
I once met a scutter whose vagina had a rash that made it look like a clowns mouth. I settled for a gobble and got kicked out at daft o'clock in the morning for plunging head first into her telly when I got up for a piss in the middle of the night. I'm surprised I fell seeing as her chuff lit up the room like a fucking flare.

Im not sure why I'm sharing that. Just though I would.
I'm not like you lot, I haven't got a vagina.

But I know someone who has, I'll check later.
I want to be a vaginal security manager, and there's no racism on ARRSE so I dont mind what the skin tint is...

Aren't they all the same colour inside, anyway?...
Fucking hell, I thought my pussy was typing this from the thread title
How would it ever get a chance to......you're always hogging the laptop on here, FFS!
Black, White, or Brindle, I dont give a flying fuck what colour the growler is, just as long as the owner has a pulse will do me just fine.
Good point Jack

......as I cast my mind back to the artistic displays of femininity observed when stepping out to the Jambo House...... please make the memories go away...
S'funny...I was only ever interested in the insides of their minds?.....
How else do you think I manage to type, clean, cook and drink coffee?
FFS...you're a woman..just get on with it...and stop bloody moaning....or maybe you can't?...:tongue:
I can't cut into a rare steak or beef joint without shuddering as the meat parts after being in that place...
I bet the smell of a burning tyre gives you a touch on though......
It compliments my gopping samosa and gnarly fucked up feet fetishes ... and occaisionally makes the old chap give a reluctant wink... old habits etc etc...
Add two kids having a ruck with shit coshes and thats my wank bank full for a week.

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