I would value your opinion of my new army song?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by terrysains, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. As this forum is 'attached to the front line' so to speak, I would value your opinion of a new song I've written called, "my daddy went to war". Thank you for your time. Terry sains. songwriter.

    YouTube - My Daddy went to war
  2. I like it, well done
  3. Very good mate....
  4. I just slit my wrists. Well done mate, but depressing.
  5. Very good! Touching.

    Mind me asking what inspired you?
  6. Hello, 'inspiration' was feeling helpless watching others suffer and witnessing their pain in the media and reading stories and the words just flowed.
    My hope is that it may offer some comfort to those who are 'invisible' in conflict.
    All that kept going on in my head was the statement, "The family have been informed" and that was it, they were just left, so my real hope is that they will become visible and cared for. I wish you well. Terry.
  7. A decent enough reason, certainly, but you are far from 'helpless.' You have an obvious talent and a deep love of your family and Country. There's a message in your work for us all, please think hard about making more.

    Good luck,

  8. You need help. That was ******* morbid.
  9. Well done, it had me in tears. keep at it, you have a real talent.
  10. Sounded better speeded up to be honest.

    Whats with all the spam photos? Are you an American?

    Or did you figure that you are so good, you will break into the American grief market?

    I know these are questions, but you don't have to bother answering them.
  11. Good luck with that, the American grief whore market is huge, so is the American over the top sentimental market.
  12. Over sentimental sickly sweet drivel that almost put me in a sugar induced coma....burn your guitar and cut your tongue out!..please no more!...
  13. I am not an American, born in East London, U.S. photos used as they were the only Army to give me permission, if I thought I was so good I wouldn't be asking for peoples opinions. My hope is to have my song published by professionals, with obviously a % of any profits going to Army family charitys. Thank you for you time, appreciated. Terry.
  14. If you play it backwards it says "this song is gash, this song is gash, rape little kids, rape little kids"

    I prefer the backwards version.....
  15. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Don't take any notice of Prince Albert, he's a miserable get.

    I think your song is very nice.

    Could you please write one for me about incest?