I would too

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  1. If it said he was caught bumming Michael Portillo, now that I could believe.
  2. Jesus Christ.

    I don't think my brain can actually cope with that image.

    Cue stroke in 3...2...1...
  3. It looks like a huge tumour with a Russian shot-putter's face painted on it.

  4. That is wrong on so many levels. Gordon Brown in a nurses outfit. <Shudders>

  5. this has got to be a wind up, right? I mean, Sarah Brown ain't exactly Miss World, but to boff Anne Widecombe behind her back?

    just noticed the date tag for the article is 24th April 2010?
  6. I know what you mean, it caused me to have several strokes and then a couple of tugs.
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    Sales of his book not doing too well, then?
  8. Pob02

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    look at the web address . .you might notice it is not BBC.CO.UK

    A+ for effort though.
  9. BuggerAll

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    Not only is this an obvious fake it's a disgusting slur on a national treasure. The idea that Anne Widdicome would debase herself with the oaf Brown is beyond the pale.
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  10. Seconded!!! You Sir are obviously a gentleman of the old school. As if a true Conservative would consort with a Labour oik ..... and a Jockinese one at that!!
  11. The .net gave it away for me. I thought it was an excellent job though and I so wanted to believe it. Rubber chickens and nurses outfits was a step too far though... ;-)
  12. *too busy throwing up in toilet to comment*
  13. Fixed that for you.
  14. she looks like someone set her head on fire
    and put it out with a bike chain.
    although gordon brown looks like a scrotum
    with eyes.