I would like to say thank you.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by shorting, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. Thank you,

    I would just like to add what was said in a previous post by chris_2006 and say thank you to the members’ of arrse.
    This website has given me a lot of information in rebuilding my fitness levels and also has prompted me to sort my spelling out I am also aware that I still need a lot of work in these areas.
    I am due to start basic training at ATR Winchester on the 11th of December.
    And thank you for the phrase “eyes and ears open mouth shut” I will take these words with me and use them wisely.


  2. bless yer...
  3. You're welcome Shorting, no thanks required, but if you could persuade your sister/mum/granny to blow me to completion and take the money shot across her grinner, we'll be all square.
  4. lmao,
    Well i can always ask, :p
  5. If you meet anyone who goes by the name of "Nate" or something similar and has the arrse log on 00nate give them a slap. Also good luck and hope you get through!!!
  6. No problem
  7. Thanks for spelling the corrections,

    This 00nate person I have read the post “pt at ATR Winchester”
    It seems to me that they don’t like being told when there wrong and cant take people helping them out by telling them that they need to sort there spelling out and to stop using txt messaging language.
  8. What? What? Did someone say 'text messaging language?' Bloody disgrace, wouldn't have happened in my day, harrumph etc...

    <Rustles the Daily Telegraph and settles back into Chesterfield>