I would like to meet....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by I_Even_Disarm_Ducks, May 21, 2011.

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  1. I have met in person a select few of ARRSEr's in my short time on here, but each one I have met has provided me with a good laugh, good drinks and generally a new experience to take with me in the university of life (but anyway, enough of sounding like a cunt).

    It got me thinking, after the chat's, about who would we want to meet/put face to name. That and I'm bored so I'm making a risky thread that could be shit and not get anywhere or earn me renown for being a top class cunt before anyone even met me!

    I want to meet, JRIII (despite his demise am sure is now HectorChavez) and 5A.

    Are they anything like the person they claim to be/act like online I wonder?
  2. I'd like to meet you so I can kick your fucking face in.
  3. Why?

    Clearly he finds those two funny and wants to see if the blokes behind the usernames are the same. If he's got issues with distinguishing between online persona's and the boring cunts we all are in reality then he's a chopper. Hardly warrants a kick in the throat is it?

    There's a half decent thread in here really, "What do you think the person behind the username is like?"
  4. There's quite a few people I wouldn't mind having a pint or 5 with actually - Mr-D, Netleyned, MrRandom, The_Snail, Tiny_Lewis, JVB1988 for example. Nothing wrong with a bit of foul mouthed abuse as long as there's beer involved. It'd either be a huge laugh or turn into one of those fights that the police just stand back from & let run its course by itself.

    Purely from a "let's see if it's all an act" perspective though, how about Jarrod? I bet he's married with kids really.
  5. I wouldn't bet on it.
  6. He's met me and no I'm not. We had a lovely candle-lit dinner and did manly stuff together.
    I'd actually like to meet stacker as I admire his dogged determination.
    Spaz and Shortfuse I'd also enjoy enjoy the company and humour.
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  7. are you fucking insane im an even bigger cunt in real life ;-) there are a small number on here who've met me, some possinly without even knowing, one member I count amoungst my best mates and regularly go drinking with another has cooked me a cracking full english and yet still didn't remember me on our second meeting

    I can honestly say I can't think of anyone on here I wouldn't go for a pint with, even western & bravo Bravo, as said before its the internet and life is to short
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  8. There's quite a few ARRSErs that I'd like to see, but I'd stop short of actually meeting them.

    You read their posts, look at their avatar and you get a mental picture of what they look like. I'd like to see how far wrong I am in my guesses.

    But to speak to them... ...that would take away some of the magic and allure. I had a meet with some old school mates via Friends Reunited a few years ago. Really good mates at school, internet chat was interesting but at the actual reunion, what a boring pair of miseries they'd become.

    Nope, I'll stick to the fantasy world of ARRSE with it's fantasy members, where I can fantasise about Poppy in her ATS-style uniform, wonder whether I could get my arms around cuddly Bigbird and imagine that Rearwords is actually Jarrod's boyfriend.

    Poppy removing her FANY uniform - see, you can't beat imagination.
  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Having met Poppy ( although not in her FANY attire sadly ) the pic doesn't do her justice.....Arrse is everywhere - I've just run into ViroBono in a very unlikely place - there is no escape ! And no, he isn't anything like his online persona.

    Met a few Arrsers at the infamous Salisbury crawl and various events since ( Dale - you owe me a pint ) ...funny old the thing is the real wankers stay safely behind their keyboards, salivating over equally miserable grotesques on Second Life....in reality., I'm a well known 20 something Action Hero with a string of panting floozies lusting after me ;-)

    (keep taking the medication Goats, it will pass......)

    pip pip from the Land of bloody Far,Far Away where it is blowing a hooley this morning....
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  10. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    I'm sure there are some cracking people behind the posts but actually their avatars would be a bit of a laugh to meet.
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  11. I have this mental picture of The Iron Duke: tall, athletic, distinguished, intelligent, slightly greying hair, commanding demeanour, and authoritative manner.

    The reality I am told is somewhat different. A hacking cough from breathing in fumes from old engines, a corn-cob pipe (he spits in the fire while he has his pre-bedtime smoke), what little hair he has left is badly dyed, and he snarls at children and cats who come too near him in Tesco. (What are cats doing in Tesco?)

    I hope he has a forgiving nature - in case I ever meet him!
  12. You're a rather confident young man arn't you.
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  13. its like dealing with people regularly on the phone at work..you get an image in your head,which shocks the fuck out of you when you actually meet them,....i'd like to think the regular comedy geniuses would be as funny in real! too many miserable twats about im afraid....
  14. There are quite a few people I'd like to meet from here. If they are even 10% as funny in real life, it would make for a cracking night on the piss...
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  15. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    I met terroratthepicnic... he's a decent chap, but still hasn't bought me a Pint. He may be RLC, but he's ok.

    The Auld-Yin. A Tartan rug round his lower body as he feeds coal to the grate and his Skye terrier growling. An Argyll & Sutherland thingy still on his gingery/white hair, tales of Aden or Cyprus spewing forth and tumblers of Whisky the size of Pints being quaffed whilst Mrs. Un cooks us bacon, eggs, tatty scones, black pud n Lorne sausage with Desperate Dan tea.