I would like help with increment level please

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ciderbilly2, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. I am currently on Increment level 4 but feel im been short changed, if anyone could help i would be greatfull. these are my comps from JPA, thought i would check before going to clerks and looking foolish.

    I am currently 26, ive been in a working unit since April 27th 2007.

    started basic trg May 15th 2006
    completed august 2006
    class 3 driver feb 5th 2007 (incudinng DROPS)
    class 3 rad op 10th april 2007
    class 2 driver 24th oct 2008
    class 2 rad op sept 4th 2010

    i've gone through it with colleagues many times and i believe i should be on increment Level 5. could anyone confirm this for me, or show me the path of progression.

    Many thanks for your time and assistance.
  2. When did you leave training Phase 3 (Phase 2 in some cases)?
  3. thanks for the quick response, i left phase 2 training on april 27th 2007.
  4. Your IBD should be roughly 26 weeks after joining up, or the date of ataining your first class 3 trade. Possibly the Middle of Nov 2006

    On the anniversary of this date you will go up an increment.

    Nov 07 Level 2
    Oct 08 - AIP for First Class 2 trade Level 3
    Nov 08 Level 4
    Nov 09 Level 5
    Nov 10 Level 6

    Look on your Pay Statement for your IBD (Incremental Base Date), it should show towards the bottom of your Pay Statement.

    You should then be able to work it out for yourself, and be aware that AIP are notoriously unreliable at actioning on your Pay Statement first time, all it takes to fix it is an iSupport giving all the details.

    good Luck